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what’s up everybody its Meech welcome back to the fitness radar I want to give you guys as brief as possible update on black seed oil I’m going to touch on some things about me but mostly I want to touch on what I’ve been hearing other people tell me about it as far as me if you seen the first video you know that I had these allergies forever I couldn’t find any any you know symptoms or I couldn’t find why it was happening. Black seed oil took away those issues also I’ve always had trouble sleeping I sleep a lot better with the black seed oil now I recently went without black seed oil for about a week and a half I was always buying the 8 ounce bottles they go real fast there are two of us taking it so what I did I bought the 32 ounce bottle now if you notice if you get the 32 ounce bottle you’ll notice that it’s very big and it is awkward and it’s not easy pouring it out because you might spill it what I do is I just take my old bottles to the smaller 8 ounce bottle and I just pour it in so I just use it as a refill so it’s just an easy way to you know make sure you don’t spill anything or have any mishaps so definitely keep the old bottle or some other glass bottle definitely try to keep it in a glass bottle if you can so for some reason amazon took a long time for it to ship usually everything that i order from amazon a lot everything that i order usually comes within a few days for some weird reason it took a week and a half and I was just without black seed oil during that time I went back to having problem sleeping and my allergies came back so the runny nose the constant coughing and always feeling like there’s something in my throat and like I got to clear my throat feels like mucus buildup or whatever it is so I’ve been taking the black seed oil for about three days now since it has come in mail and those symptoms are again starting to subside so that’s a beautiful thing my sleep is starting to get a little bit better so I you know in a few days I think I’ll be right back on track so that’s beautiful I will not go without black seed that long again if I can help it now I want to tell you guys very very very seriously if you have or haven’t seen the first video I will link it in the description I encourage everybody that’s looking for information on black seed oil to read those comments I had originally in the first video asked everybody to share their experiences and I want to thank everybody who did that comment section has turned into a mini forum I’ve had tons of people telling me the different things that black seed oil has helped and a lot of people have been asking each other questions going back and forth so there’s been a lot of help and a lot of information shared in those comment sections again I want to thank everybody and again if I can only give you my experiences and I’m going to give you the experiences of the people that I know around me that are using black seed oil but it helps so many different people are so many different ways so you can get a lot more information people have been saying things from like it is help with their depression it has helped lower their blood pressure that’s helped with their hair arthritis sleep apnea it has helped with so much stuff clearing up their skin obviously the things that I’ve been telling you like better sleep allergy so it is a ton of stuff and other people can attest to it so definitely definitely go and check out those comments in the first video and I encourage everybody to do the same in this video share your experiences let’s help each other help each other so someone was asking me about the hair growth that I said you know somebody that I know was experiencing I asked them today actually right before I started this video they said they was also using wheatgrass in conjunction with black seed oil but then they said they stopped taking the wheatgrass and just start just consistently used the black seed oil because they feel like the black seed oil from was primarily what was helping their hair growth so it definitely was helping make their hair grow back a little bit more as helping a hair look thicker and fuller and there’s other people in the comment section of the first video saying the same thing so it’s definitely worth checking out Idol and again check out those comment sections now my mother I’ve been having her use it for about two months now she keeps saying to me that it’s not helping the things that she wanted it to help her with which was arm you know certain pains arthritis and she has a skin condition I can’t think of the name it’s a common skin condition for some reason the name of it is escaping me I’ll put it on the screen on the description but she was helped hoping that it will help with that and it hasn’t but what she did say is helping her sleep better she’s waking up earlier and more energized she is not getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom as much and I know other people that were saying the same thing about the bathroom they’re saying they can sleep longer they said they get up in the middle of night constantly to use the bathroom and the black seed oil since they started taking it they don’t get up as much oh it’s not at all so that is a big deal because obviously it’s helping you sleep better um so the other thing is she had high blood my mother she has high blood pressure and she has high cholesterol she said she just went to the doctor a few days ago and both were lower and the doctor was excited she said she was excited and she said she can only attribute that to the black seed oil now also along with that I’ve had other people in the video in the comment section tell me to be careful with that because if you’re taking um blood pressure medication and you’re taking the black seed oil some people have said their blood pressure has dropped to low and you have to definitely be aware of that I had like I said a few people you know telling me definitely definitely be careful about that so if you have that issue it can help lower your blood pressure as well as cholesterol but be careful if you’re taking other things to bring it down um what else am I missing like I think I said I hope I said people have said arthritis depression hair growth also people are telling me that obviously a lot of people have issues taking it some people just can’t stomach the taste you know they just can’t do it you can take the pill form and there’s a lot of people in the comment section of the first video saying that they take the pill form no issues no taste and it still works so if you can’t take it use the pills there you go I will leave the link in the description for Amazon for the pills as well as the oil and all the different sizes in the in the comment section so check those links out if you want to order you can also order well you can also buy I get it from fairway in my area if you have a fairway vitamin shoppe also sells it there’s different places so if you know just check those different places in your and your arm area locally now another thing for me is when I shave I use it on my face I use it under my chin it does help with razor bumps it helps you know I use it as aftershave I use it on my hair also I have a bad skin condition on my hair which a lot of people also have whenever I shave my hair I get a lot of inflammation I get a lot of ingrown hairs and it’s just it’s really really a issue and nothing it’s been helping that it’s been definitely helping the inflammation I was hoping that it would cure it anywhere but you know totally get rid of it but it hasn’t but it does make a noticeable difference with the inflammation and definitely you know it helps clear razor bumps very fast so definitely if you have those issues try it on your head I use it directly after I shave and just everyday I use it I just put it in my hair after I shower so it definitely helps it definitely makes a difference people are using it on their skin or that you know they put it on their face so there’s tons and tons of issues of not issues there’s tons of benefits from black seed oil I want to check my notes very quick hope I’m not forgetting anything but again this is a I don’t want to say it’s a miracle thing but it definitely has tons of proven benefits I can tell you for you know myself the people around me and as well as all the people in the comment section and I always say if you don’t believe me take the because people there’s people that would say well yeah this might be a paid advertising so if you don’t believe me check the comment section all of these people in the comment sections can’t be making it up so that’s pretty much it I wanted to give you guys a brief update I will not go a week and a half without using this stuff again I definitely encourage everybody to try and also check the comment sections of the first video please also do the same in this video leave your comments leave your questions and let’s help each other help each other because you can get so much additional information from the comment section so I want to thank everybody from the first video to this video if you watch it hit the like button if you left comments questions answers all of that I appreciate it if there’s anything that I might have missed again actually in the comment section he’s at me of somebody else we’ll get back to you I try to get back to all the comment links in the description also to the lemon water video we did to the apple cider vinegar as well as to our mental fitness videos for motivation so check all of that stuff out and let me got let me know what you guys think so next time stay focused stay fit please hit that like button show your support I meet with the fitness radar salute we’re out of here

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