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Is there a cure for arthritis? The best treatment for arthritis

Fortunately, there are several different treatment approaches in arthritis that have been proven to be effective. We can broadly categorise them into non-drug, drug, and surgical. The aim of treatment should be to eradicate the symptoms and to restore function. If we treat early and if we treat appropriately, we should be able to achieve that in majority of the cases and in some cases, we’re even able to achieve drug-free remission and symptom-free and restore the individual back to their former health. The range of options that we might have in broad category, there’s non-drugs such as nutrition, exercise, physiotherapy. Of the drug treatments, there are a number of different agents and they can be administered in a range of different ways such as tablets, creams, infusions or injections into a given joint. Of the surgical approaches, keyhole surgery or open joint surgery.

All of these treatments used appropriately can help significantly or fully control the symptoms and restore function and hopefully prevent progression of the condition..

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