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Knee Pain danis amaruwa ayurvedic treatment sri lanka Dr Choolawansa Arauwala

Today we are going to talk about the knee pain , this is a common illness in our society. this is a common illness in our society. There is no age limit for this illness, Most of patients stated that they are suffering from Arthritis when they visited us But if we do the diagnosis of this illness, we can see there are many other reasons which cause knee pain Genetically inheritance , Bad eating habits & Activities of daily living can cause knee pain. this illness can be genetically inherited from the parents . also activities like lifting weight and climbing stairs can cause this illness eating oily foods & foods are in high carbohydrates can cause this illness symptoms of this illness are Swelling and stiffness , Redness and warmth to the touch , Weakness or instability, Popping or crunching noises, Inability to fully straighten the knee.

all the treatments for this illness can be done at this place through our most recognized Ayurvedic doctors. this illness can be cured using the ayurvedic medicine manufactured at this location by our experienced ayurvedic specialists..

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