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Come here and have a chance. I have this arthritis, I have arthritis. As you say, Amy is not well. If you are doing nothing, I eat 2 syringes. We all eat idiots, bugs, eggs and giddas all in one go. God gave you ayush for 200 years … I have said that it is not good to eat. The same thing you do for 3 weeks, especially the ovals, the bunches, the three days, the grips, the samsara Eat one day, two to three spoonfuls of coconut oil, Two three spoon sesame oil, two three spoon saffron oil, Week-by-week toast …

In addition to this, aromatic leaf, guava leaf, parija leaf infusion. What is Afral Rheumatism, What is Arthritis, SLE is Dance With SLE, I have been struggling for 20 years. I’ve been taking steroids To put my hand from here We had to call him In 6 months, the Chamundi Hill is near our Mysore Dr Chamundi Climbing … Is that …

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