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Korean researchers develop new peptide to treat rheumatoid arthritis

When the human immune system malfunctions, it can lead to many kinds of autoinflammatory diseases… like rheumatoid arthritis. Korean scientists have developed a new type of peptide, the chemical that keeps our immune systems from overreacting and causing these conditions. Park Se-young has the details. The immune system works to protect the body from viruses, but an excessive immune response damages normal tissues. This can lead to autoinflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and septicemia. Now, a group of Korean scientists has developed a peptide that can block the inappropriate triggering of toll-like receptor 4, a protein that can detect viruses. “Toll-like receptors identify viruses and secrete cytokine, but excess activation leads to diseases. Our peptide regulates the receptors to prevent excessive secretion of the immunoproteins.” Experiments using mice showed that the new peptide treated both rheumatoid arthritis and kidney tissues.

It also reacted well inside the body and at the same time resulted in fewer side effects. If the ongoing clinical trials are successful, the finding is expected to be applied to the development of new medicines. Park Se-young, Arirang News..

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