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We all know that a sound night of sleep sets a good bitch up for success. But how does it affect your overall beauty? I mean, makeup has come a long way, and maybe it can hide the fact that you were up on Twitter until 2:30 last night. That was me. So this week, Kristen and I are going to conduct a little experiment to see how much eight, six, and four hours of sleep affects our overall beauty. It’s LadyLike and this week we’re finding out how much sleep affects your beauty. Full disclosure: it was pretty hard to find someone to do this experiment with me. – [Devin] Will you do a video with me? No. – [Devin] It’s about sleep and sleep patterns. Absolutely not. When I don’t get enough sleep, my face looks like that of an old dog. Like, I have droopy jowls and I’m like… Whenever I feel like I haven’t had enough sleep, I just feel like I become a chipmunk.

I end up rubbing my face a lot more. Really hard to do a cat eye cause my eyelids are like sunken grocery bags full of cans. (laughs hysterically) You know when you got a bag full of cans and it’s like, oh that bag, it’s definitely lumpy and droopy. That’s my eyelid when I don’t sleep. So I typically get about seven hours of sleep. I usually get six and a half to seven hours of sleep. If I go to sleep by midnight, I get seven hours of sleep. If I don’t go to sleep by 1:30, I’m up until about 5:30 in the morning. I love the morning. I wake up pretty early. I wake up at like 6:15 every morning, and I like to go to bed anywhere from like 10:30 to 11:30 in that span of time.

Because if I don’t have a lot of sleep, I become so emotional. I’m having a diva moment right now. (whimpers) It’s gonna be pretty interesting this week when I get six and four. I’m a light, light, light sleeper. If there’s a loud noise outside, I will wake up. I’m such an easy sleeper, and I know that’s a blessing because for a lot of people out there, it’s really hard to get a good, sound night of sleep. When you’re telling a woman she looks tired, what you’re usually telling her is you’re not wearing makeup.

Which is nonsense. Don’t do that! People often tell me I look tired when I’m not tired. So that’s why it always confuses me because sometimes when I haven’t gotten the most amount of sleep, no one ever says you look tired. It’s always when I’m having like an emotional moment. They’re like, are you tired? And then I’m like, no. ‘Cause I’m not changing my makeup routine because I’m doing the same routine throughout the week, I don’t think makeup will make me look less tired this week. I don’t know, I think it’s not gonna hide a damn thing.

I think makeup definitely makes you look more awake than you actually are. But I don’t think makeup is a wizard, so I don’t know how awake it’s gonna make me look. For three nights this week, Kristen and I are gonna get eight hours, six hours, and four hours of sleep. We’re then gonna take selfies with makeup on to see how our face changes with those amounts of sleep. Also, just to clarify, when we say, “How much does sleep affect your beauty,” I don’t mean overall beauty, inner beauty. Because you’re still beautiful, no matter how many hours of sleep you get. So this video’s about how makeup sits on your face when you have different amounts of sleep. Alright, this is a terrible idea. Alright, this should be a fun day or week.

Lack of sleep acne
Lack of sleep acne

Whatever we’re doing. I don’t even remember. Time to get ready for bed. I’m gonna wash my face and brush my teeth and settle in, here I go. So, I have an early call time. I’m gonna try to put some green tea packets on my eyes and take a shower and maybe some Advil to take down the facial swelling. I am not a morning person. I am a night person. My natural rhythm is to go to bed at 1:00 a.m., which is problem because I have to be back up at 7:30.

It’s really, really tough for me to build in eight hours of sleep because that’s just not how my natural rhythm is. This is the side I was sleeping on. You can tell because it’s squished. – [Woman] True or False: Certain studies find that reduced sleep over a period of 3 weeks shows significant result on subjects’ faces. True. (Buzzer) – [Woman] False. What? – [Woman] Certain studies find that reduced sleep over a period of 3 days! Wait, what? I mean, I feel like I’m never getting enough sleep so like, I’m curious as to what my baseline is. Like, what do I look like when I’m well-rested for a whole week? That morning, I woke up and looked at my face and I was alarmed. When I actually looked at it, my eyes looked puffy, my pores looked big. I just looked sad. I think I was asleep at 2:00 and then I woke up at 5:30. Good, yeah. Pretty much similar. I look like shit. Same. Look at these eyes. I look like fucking ass butt, I look like something I ate. Why are you eating ass butt? Well, ’cause it was the only thing available, Devin! Eventually throughout the day with a little caffeine and a little breathing room, I feel like, my face like calmed down a bit, but people could definitely tell that I was tired.

Do you have like really dark circles under your eyes that you’re hiding with makeup right now? Funny that you ask that, because I got four hours of sleep last night. Why! I did it for a video. But, like, honestly– Can you tell? I can honestly, even in the shadows, I can see– Like, look! Look at yourself. There’s definitely discoloration… You normally have pretty flawless looking skin. And it’s kind of dark under there. When my makeup– When it looks like I was overcompenating with makeup, it just highlighted the fact that I was even more tired.

The day after I’d slept four hours the night before, there were baseball playoffs, and I had two and a half beers and I was toasty. ‘Cause I hadn’t slept so I was just like, (scat singing) I’ve had two and a half beers, ’cause I had three and a half hours of sleep. I’m so tired! True or false: Poor sleepers have the same/netural assessment as regular sleepers when it comes to their own facial appearance. I’m going to say no, just because when I’m really cranky I think that I look like trash. So at least I got that one right. I know that I need to slow down and rest sometimes, most of the time … But I didn’t know that it was immediately reflected in the body. My skin’s looking a little sad today. Makes me think, like, I need to go home, I need to get an effin’ nap, because I do not want to look like a raccoon. A raccoon! I was like, puffier, and like, all the crags were out to play.

It was like the grand canyon was doing a one day stop on my face. So yeah, that day was super rough. I felt like my makeup really didn’t even sit on my face that well. I feel like when I was tired, the makeup wasn’t even sinking in to my pores. It was just like all sitting on top.

I’m never doing that again. I learned what a horrible idea that was. I can’t do that to myself before a big shoot. I have to force myself to go to sleep. I got about six hours of sleep last night. I’ve got bags under my eyes. Puffy upper lid. My cheeks feel swollen too. The next thing we did was six hours of sleep, and I think, like, I felt the most normal that day. I got six hours of sleep! I’m going to put my make up on. I don’t know, I don’t look that bad for having gotten six hours of sleep, but that could be because I’m still young and my face still has a lot of elasticity. I mean, my eyelids are kind of swollen, honestly. This is stupid, I feel bad, I want to sleep so much. Okay, so I had a little steam, I’m going to have a little caffeine, and my skin is starting to look a little less puffy and a little bit more clear.

I know all this stuff is super minute, and the internet is probably going to be like, Devin what are you talking about, your face is completely the same, everyday. I feel a difference, especially in my eyes and my cheeks, depending on how much sleep I get. I feel like my makeup sits differently depending on how much sleep I get, so today is an example of a day where I just feel like– and I have a feeling I’m going to put on my makeup, and it’s just going to kind of be randomly oily here.

– [Woman] True or false: Sleep deprivation can worsen inflammatory conditions in the skin. True. – [Woman] Yeah! Inflammation is caused by your immune system being wacky and if you don’t sleep enough, then your immunte system doesn’t have enough time to regenerate itself properly. My whole body felt like tenderized meat this morning. And my face is, I think, kind of reflecting that. Again, don’t mind the hair. Although… I don’t know, it’s kind of cute. I’m so tired I got primer in my hair. I don’t know if I look anymore tired today than I do any other day, ’cause I kind of just look tired all the time.

I have like 75% of my eyebrows done. I don’t know if I’m going to go back and finish the eyebrow. Though apparently I have to because of my job. So, a six hour sleep day for me is a normal day. I felt just the usual amount of, like, I haven’t slept enough but I’ve slept enough to get through life. Time for makeup on a face that has only had six hours of sleep. Hopefully it’s okay. True or false: Without enough deep sleep, the repair process of your skin will be slowed but will eventually adapt to your new sleeping habits.

Okay, I’m going to say true, because I feel like the body adapts to whatever you’re doing. False!? That’s crazy to me, what! I mean as I get older, I feel like I’m just getting less and less amount of sleep. Your body needs rest. I’ve done my full makeup now, and because my makeup and my skills are pretty effective, I don’t look that tired. But I feel exhausted.

I also know that in a few hours, this stuff is all going to be in here. My makeup was pretty normal. It sat on my skin normally, I have really large pores so about halfway through the day, my makeup starts to sort of hibernate in my pores. I’m not going to apologize for the fact that my brain is awake from like a certain hour of time that is not compatible with the sun. For me, the part of my face that betrays me the most are my eyes. You can definitely tell if I’m like, got enough sleep or if I’m well rested with my eyes, because I have hooded eyes, and whenever I’m sleepy, my mascar just gets on the top of my eyelids. But I definitely get a lot more makeup runoff here when I’m tired.

I notice that happened a couple times in the six hour try. I felt like that was a baseline example of my face, the six hour day. I have had eight hours of sleep, and my eyes are definitely bigger. Usually when I’ve had four hours of sleep, my eyes are like little pistachio. But in this case, they’re the whole unshelled nut. So yesterday I got eight hours of sleep, and man, my skin looked good! The eight hour day, I felt awesome. This is like a tyipcal day of makeup for me. Whenever I get enough sleep, I feel like I’m hydrated. My skin looks, like, hydrated. If I don’t get enough sleep, I feel dehydrated and puffy. Just little things I’m noticing as I’m focusing on my sleep and how makeup is sitting on my face.

– [Woman] True or false: Sleep-deprived women show signs of premature skin aging and a decrease in their skins’ ability to recover after sun exposure. True! I don’t think that exact fact has been brought to my attention before, but it makes total sense. Like, sleep is when your body recovers, and in order for your body to regenerate skin cells to heal damage, you need more sleep in order to have more recovery time. Okay, I’m applying my makeup and I can already tell that my foundation is going on a little smoother, a little bit less runny, a little bit less flaky, my skin is a little bit less angry today. I could not explain it, like, my skin was smooth, it was super, like, not craggy.

Usually when I’m asleep, my eyes are sort of like this, and then when I’m awake, it’s like my nautral status is just eyes are open, big, ready for the day! I feel like the mascara portion is like a good test to see if I’m tired or not, because if I’m tired, the mascara gets on this upperlid, ’cause my eyes are swollen. But if I am well rested, it just kind of sits nicely. So my makeup is pretty much done, this is my look for the day, my eight hour well rested look. So, yeah, we’ll see how this lasts. Do I look rested to you? You do look quite rested, actually. Oh, really? Yeah, you look nice! Oh thank you! Little baby skin. Oh, it’s so soft! Oh thank you, I grew it myself.

Good job! Your skin looks pretty nice, it looks like it normally does to me. Did you do something different? Yes, I slept for two more hours than I usually do. Oh cool, yeah that’ll do it. I think it’s really interesting having both Kirsten and I in this video. I can’t imagine staying awake all night. But then again, I’m sure she says to herself, like, fuck, Devin, I can’t believe she does that. I didn’t really think it would make a difference how much sleep I got. I kind of think I just sort of look the same with make up. But actually, yeah. At least in my mind, it kind of does. I look at my face all the time. True or false: Skin functions as an important barrier from external stressors such as environmental toxins and sun-induced DNA.

True, the skin is the biggest orgaan in the body. I’m a busy, working woman. A woman! A woman, I’m a busy, working lady, and I don’t sleep ever. No, you don’t! We’re taking selfies now, that’s the dealio. We’re taking selfies. All of these things are probably very minute, the change is probably very minute for the viewers watching the video, but for us feeling our skin and feeling our face, was just– It was insane. I had no idea that slepe could really affect your face and the way you view your face so much. ‘Cause my eight hour day, I was like, feeling so good. My makeup sat on my skin pretty well. Also when I’m tired, because my eyes water, I get a lot of transfer on my lids, and a lot of sort of mascara snowing on my under eyes, there wasn’t a lot of that.

It’s the end of the day and there’s no red cone situation going on down here. I think sleep is a miracle. A tiny, little, invisible miracle. As I get older, I realize how much more important sleep is. I think when I was younger I was like, yeah, I could pull two all nighters in a row! Woo, I’m a cowboy! But now, it’s like, no, I need to be at my best. I don’t need to stay up until the East coast wakes up on Twitter. Everyone can benefit from even a couple nights a week getting eight hours of sleep, would be very, very healthy. I feel like even your whole view of yourself would be much different. I think a problem that we have is that so much of the work that we do in businesses, especially our business, is collaborative and so it means you’ve got to be on a team schedule.

So it’s really, really tough when someone has sort of a circadian rhythm that’s off, for them to be at their best. My face is a part of team Kristen, so that’s another team I have to support with sleep. Figuring out how much sleep affects your skin, lady-tested, lady-a’snoozed. Nobody yells at vampires for being productive at night. They yell at vampires for other things! Logic! Yeah! (bright percussive music).

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