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Lycopodium Homeopathic Medicine | lycopodium 30 , lycopodium 200, Uses & Symptoms


Hello friends, Welcome to my channel, I am doctor Ritu Jain. I am a homoeopathic consultant and today I am going to talk about LYCOPODIUM.So let’s start talking about LYCOPODIUM. Especially today I am going to talk about its constitution because this medicine is a deep acting constitutional medicine. so what are it’s the constitution and which part of the part does it act that I will tell you today? Generally, it acts mainly on the digestive system very well and also works on urinary tract very well.

Along with that in your throat, lungs, male and female sexual organs and on babies, it acts very well. So let us first talk about it’s constitution, so constitution means generally you have heard people say it is important to take constitutional medicine So today I will tell you about LYCOPODIUM’s constitution in detail so wherever you find constitution and if you find symptoms in your body then you can take this homoeopathic medicine because it is a constitutional medicine so let us start. So first the patient or the person is very weak if any person is physically weak but mentally very active and intelligent but physically very weak his digestion is weak and memory is also weak you start ageing at a very young age or start looking old at a very young age then these symptoms are matched with LYCOPODIUM.

In homoeopathic, always lycopodium is a right-side medicine if you have any infection if you have any disease that starts from your right side then goes to the left side then there this homoeopathic medicine works very well. for example, if you have throat infection at the right side enlargement of tonsils, infection in liver infection in your right lungs infection in your right ovary and infection in your right kidney if any organ on your right side is infected then if there is disease condition then there it is very effective. Its homoeopathic symptoms are the craving of sweets, the patient always craves for sweets and has the desire to eat desserts always.

If you have such craving and if you are scared of cold weather. and the patient always prefers warm things let that be water food or any other things he/she likes it warm and craves for sweets. And whenever the patient is hungry and is extremely hungry and he is often hungry but as soon as he eats the food he would feel he is not hungry anymore and that he is full. even if he eats one roti, he feels like he is full and his stomach might explode anytime for this type of symptoms, lycopodium acts very well and apart from this, always it is seen in the constitution that whenever you see the patient sleeping his eyes are half-open while he is asleep.

You cannot differentiate whether the person is sleeping or still awake. So there also lycopodium will work very well and match the constitutional symptoms. Then apart from this if you see the time aggravation time is 4-8pm if from 4-8 pm in the evening, all the pain that hurt you, any pain let that be any pain condition any lung disease there is pain and you can see the symptoms you feel hungry and there is gastric problem if it happens between 4-8 pm then lycopodium is a very suitable medicine. There are many other symptoms apart from these such as your lung complaint or your digestive system.

If your nasal has fat like motion. then for that also it is a very effective motion. So these re constitutional medicine and along with that if you look at the mental symptoms then the homeopathic mental symptoms are as follows that the patient is very keen and intelligent but there is memory loss then for that lycopodium is very effective and along with that the patient is depressed, irritated and also anxiety is seen Let that be a very famous man a lawyer or a minister but he always tries to avoid mingling with the crowd and prefers being alone but he is afraid because of his loneliness then if you find this type of symptoms mentally and constitutional symptoms then lycopodium works and is very much suitable.

So I always tell you that all the constitutional medicine work very well in your body but you tell me a particular name of the disease then it is important to know the constitutional symptoms. So now I will tell you about particulars on what body part how it works. So first let us talk about the digestive system it works very well on digestive system if there are gastric problem and acidity and always there is sour burping, sour vomiting if this kind of symptoms is seen then in your digestive system then lycopodium is very helpful and for constipation also it is effective. It also recovers your liver and also improves your intestine and is very effective.

Then the next symptom is urinary symptom In urinary symptoms, in your kidney if there is any problem and as I told you if there is pain in right side of the kidney if there is stone or along with your urine there are red sediments then for that also it is very effective medicine And apart from that, if you see in your right side of the throat if the tonsils are growing and pain is seen and along with that there are glandular swellings on your right side of the neck then there also it is very effective that is lycopodium.

Then if you find pneumonia in your lungs and your lungs are filled with water then there also lycopodium is very effective there also. In males and females also you find symptoms such as impotency, prostate enlargement especially on the right side, if you find testical inflammation or ovaries inflammation on the right side in females then lycopodium becomes very effective medicine. apart from these in babies also if they are old looking, very weak then there also lycopodium becomes a very useful medicine. I have told you about it that it is the deep acting medicine that acts on every part of the body it is not possible to talk about each and every symptom the constitutional medicine I told you if they are matching your symptom then the medicine is lycopodium. So now the potency and doses of this medicine. It is a deep acting medicine which means it works very well with a little amount of dose if you take the medicine once, it acts deeply and acts well. So only a few doses are taken and repeated If you are taking due to gastric complaints then if you take once in a day Then it is very effective. If the potency is 20 then you can use it once in a weak.

and if you are using in 1m potency then it can be used once in a month. generally, it is used in all these potencies and if there is acute condition then repetitions of 30 potencies are done, and if there are a chronic condition and mental disease is seen then 1m potency is taken and is taken monthly or weekly. So this was today’s information about LYCOPODIUM. If you like it then please like and share my videos and let me know about how the videos are and comment and tell me and along with that if you want me to continue with the videos then please subscribe to my channel if you do not subscribe to my channel and do not press the bell icon then you won’t get the notifications to subscribe for notifications and press the bell icon goodbye, goodnight. THANK YOU…

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