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Everyone, sooner or later we’ll look for some Health alternative for their ailment, their condition that they’re suffering from. There is nothing better than trying to find a food that’s alive. It’s nutritionally superior to have a portion of food in the whole state as compared to not in the entire state. In other words, things that you may be eating that’s processed, that’s on the shelves, things that have additives or preservatives that are not going to help you get well.

So when you look at kefir it’s about as alive and kicking as food comes it’s a tangy tart yoghurt like the drink, that’s filled with good bacteria in yeast. It contains much more friendly probiotics than regular yoghurt. Kefir is made by adding kefir culture the grains to the milk of the cow the sheep or goat and letting the mixture ferment for about 24 hours. Once it strains, it’s good to go if you’re having any stomach or intestinal condition this can do magic for you. That friendly bacteria will reduce flagellants it will give you relief to upset stomachs, and the bacteria and yeast in kefir unlike those in yoghurt will actually colonise in the gastrointestinal tract and stay there for long periods.

There are millions of people who are lactose intolerant so that means you cannot digest the sugar lactose by using the enzyme lactase to get proper digestion. Therefore that’s probably why you’re getting bloating and a lot of gastrointestinal distress. But the fantastic thing about kefir is that through the firm intention process within a day most of the lactose has already been digested. Therefore this should never give you an intestinal problem kefir has potent antibacterial properties these probiotics inhibit the growth of various harmful bacteria like Salmonella or h pylori or even E-coli.

Kefir will also improve your bone health and lower the risk of osteoporosis full-fat kefir has plenty of calcium, but what’s more important it has vitamin k2. This vitamin k2 helps calcium metabolise to get into the bone to prevent fractures and keep your bones healthy. Kefir may protect against cancer; it occurs when abnormal cells in your body grow uncontrollably such as a tumour the probiotics and fermented dairy products are believed to reduce tumour growth by stimulating your immune system. Therefore it’s possible that kefir may fight cancer.

Kefir is like magic for the digestive system, if you have any digestive issue, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, gastric reflux these probiotics and probiotic foods can alleviate many of your digestive problems. Kefir is very useful for allergies and asthma symptoms, imagine your immune system the most important part of your body is your intestines, that’s where the probiotics need to do their work.

So many people are experiencing allergic reactions caused by inflammatory responses against certain foods or substances. People with an oversensitive immune system are more prone to allergies which can provoke conditions like asthma. There are non-dairy choices when it comes to kefir that you can look into as well although make sure you don’t have tons of sugar in it because that’s not good for our body that causes more inflammation. Add blueberries, add natural fruits be creative to put it in your smoothies and you will see miracles.

Remember your immune system is in your intestines that’s the strength of your entire body. So the power of kefir is unlimited for your immunity, your bone health, preventing cancer, for digestive issues, for skin conditions and the list goes on and on I ask you to please share this video with your friends and family leave your comments below and most important make it a great day I’m dr.¬†Alan Mandel .

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