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New Hope For Sufferers Of Chronic Knee Pain

retired firefighter Chuck stinger is dealt with knee pain for over a decade every time I would kneel down or go to climb a ladder on the fire department and doing squats when I was working out I could feel it but I work with it when he learned he had progressing osteoarthritis he thought it was headed toward a total knee replacement but a new clinical trial may allow him to avoid major surgery with a simple device a shock absorber it really looks like a car shock absorber there’s gonna be placed right on the inside part of the knee to take some of the load off that inner portion II and shift it towards the outside part of me dr. David Flannigan implanted the device in Chuck’s knee at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center the first surgery of its kind in the US if it works for me maybe but work for a lot other people the Kalypso knee system is attached outside of the knee joint and works as a shock absorber reducing pressure and creating a cushion similar to what cartilage provides in a healthy joint the clinical trial will examine how the device may relieve pain and slow the progression of osteoarthritis take some that load off that inner portion of knee and allow that patient now to have increasing function less pain and really to delay a total knee arthroplasty for hopefully years as for Chuck he’s hoping he can get back to his active lifestyle free of knee pain want to be able to start doing some of the things I used to do more than 700-thousand knee replacements are done in the US every year and that number is expected to triple over the next decade experts say this device could help slow or even reverse that trend by easing pain and extending the life of creaky knees dr. max Gomez CBS 2 News

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