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Nitric Oxide Dump Exercises – Best Exercise for High Blood Pressure (Nitric Oxide Blowout)

Hello, there’s a bunch of exercises that everybody who’s got high blood pressure should be doing and even those who do not have high blood Pressure. The reason for this is; this exercises are actually very beneficial to your health. What am I talking about? Find out in a couple of seconds. I’ll see you shortly. Now For today’s 20/20 idea to better health.

Please welcome on stage. Dr. Joe Hello, welcome back. I’m Dr Joe of Well, if this is your first time on this channel, can I extend a warm welcome to you… This is your home or 20/20 ideas to better health. So if you haven’t subscribed yet, please do subscribe So what bunch of exercises was I referring to before when on the short break? well I’m referring to what we call the nitric oxide dump or what I prefer to call the nitric oxide blowout These exercises were actually developed by colleague. His name is Dr Zach Bush. I find them really beneficial I’ve been doing it for the last 10 months and I find them really beneficial to my health and that’s why I would recommend them to you. Now, before I tell you about the exercises, just a few words about nitric oxide. What is nitric oxide? Well nitric oxide is actually a gas that is actually produced and stored Within the lining of our blood vessel walls and it’s a very good smooth muscle relaxant So what we want to do is actually release it from inside the cells of the blood vessel walls…

…unleash it onto the circulation and because it’s a smooth muscle relaxant, it’s going to actually relax the Blood vessel walls and that will lower our blood pressure That’s why it’s very beneficial for people who’ve got high blood pressure And even those who do not have high blood pressure, they’ll benefit from it because it will stop them from developing high blood pressure Another thing nitric oxide does is that, it prevents what we call platelet aggregation What does that mean? It means it stops our blood from being too sticky and that means the blood will flow a lot more smoothly inside the blood vessels. A 3rd function of nitric oxide is that it actually protects our lean body mass. So it facilitates fat loss So what are these exercises? Well, there are 4 types of exercises bundled into one and the beauty of it is they’re very quick They’re actually high-intensity interval training HIIT, and they’re very time efficient.

For somebody who hasn’t got time These are the best exercises for you 4 types Bundle this one. I’m gonna be doing 20 reps But if you are not fit at all You can start off with 5. Do 5 for about a week until your body is conditioned. After that, step it up to 10 And then do 10 reps for about 2 to 3 weeks Once your body’s conditioned as well to that, then step it up to 15 Do that for another 2 weeks and then move on to 20. I’m at 20 reps, so I’m gonna be doing 20 reps.

But you don’t have to start off with 20 yet. Just start off with 5 So what are the exercises? Well… The first one is the Squat. So it’s just a regular squat. So I’m going to go down and up Okay, so that’s the squat. 2nd one is the Circular Arm Swing. So you go up and then down, Up And then down. Okay, I’ll do it from the side Up and then down and then the 3rd type is what I call the Static Forward March So I’m going like that, like that, like that, like that Okay, that’s the static forward march and the 4th one is the Shoulder Press.

Up and then down, Up and then down. So, Squat Circular Arm Swing. Okay. Static Forward March and then Shoulder Press. Up, down So let’s go So, let me just demonstrate the nitric oxide dump or the nitric oxide blowout exercises from the side view. So, it’s the squat Okay, and then the Circular Arm Swing. Hit the top, Hit the bottom. Hit the top, hit the bottom and then the Static Forward March U,p down. 90 degrees. Up, down. Both arms Okay, and then of course the Shoulder Press. Up, down. Up, down. Okay Those are the four exercises. You need to do about 20 reps. My target is 20 reps. If you are very unfit Well, you can start off with 5. Build it up to 10 and then build it up to 15 and eventually You hit the target of 20, which is where I am at now How many times do you need to do this nitric oxide dump or nitric oxide blowout exercises a day? You need to do them about 3 times a day.

Yes, 3 times day But if you can’t do it twice a day, that’s fine. It doesn’t matter. They’re very time efficient So they’re very ideal for people who are very busy Because they only take 4 minutes. Just 4 minutes. The nitric oxide dump or nitric oxide blowout takes only four minutes That’s a time efficient it is so that’s why I want you to be doing them because they’re great for high blood pressure and they’re great for Preventing you from developing high blood pressure as well. So what’s the most likely problem you gonna encounter doing these exercises? Where the main problem you’ll encounter is muscle soreness, especially your thigh muscles.

They’re gonna be very sore And because your muscles are going to be sore, what’s the likely thing you want to do? You’d want to stop Please do not stop. The muscle soreness would disappear after a week I promise you. Just take some regular painkillers and I promise you after seven days or thereabout The muscle soreness will disappear now if you enjoyed this video, please give it a Thumbs-up. Hit the ‘Like’ button as usual and Please share this nitric oxide dump exercises with anybody you know, okay because everybody should be doing them.

So share this video with everybody Whether people have got high blood pressure, those who do not have high blood pressure Everybody is going to benefit from doing the nitric oxide blowout exercises So please share the video and when you start doing the exercises Please I want to know about your experience. Leave your comments in the comment section I don’t know how everything is going. If you are unfit And then you’re building it up and how you’re coping, I want to know all about it. If you are really fit and you are hitting 20 already I wanna know about it. Please leave your comments in the comment section. If you haven’t subscribed yet, by the way, please do subscribe. Hit the subscription button. It’s just right there I think that’s about it. Until next time, well this is.

Dr Joe signing out.

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