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Organics Products For Vitiligo

I’m a nutritionist, nutrition specialist, cutting-edge technology. Operator: Your name and patronymic ? Omarova Karlygash Kasymovna I studied for many years and practices. Mostly practices. Worked in many companies engaged in constantly only food. Today day have us elev8 capsule-this in General, the product of the twenty-fifth generation! Oh, 25 centuries! Elev8 you know if Elev8 it’s taking us out of the risk zone. We are now at risk, because in the first place now diseases of the cardiovascular system It’s strokes and heart attacks, they are in 1 place. And children now, and have young on soil the adrenaline from the adrenaline rush strokes. Therefore elev8 as an ambulance brings man out of the area at risk, and acceler8 purposefully directed the fact that he is engaged in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). AND THE DIGESTIVE TRACT we have this liver, heart, kidneys, spleen. Operator: Colon, right? Large intestine, small intestine. Acceler8 deals with restoration of internal work organs, works on cleansing. And you know our immunity is mainly immunoglobulins, which produced in the intestine and we therefore, when we have children are born now with dysbacteriosis. Therefore, in General, these night capsules are necessary for all. Separately: here is a purple capsule can separately to lend children without, for example, a white capsules.

Operator: And so can be, Yes? Because there is writing that child cannot! Yes, I can. Means composed of purple capsules enzymes, there are enzymes, there bifidobacteria which are many, fiber. So just think what the child ate there cabbage ate or ayran drank. There’s no harm in that. It’s food, it’s what from kefir take what you take home from cabbage, cucumber. This whole fiber. And enzymes, enzymes you know, such a role in body perform enzymes! We have why results many on allergies? That’s the lack of enzymes and leads to allergies. Operator: But many say, I cleansing I was doing, so I’ll just elev8 to drink, and acceler8 I don’t need.

What will You tell them? It’s not right to say that., because you know that… Me again. say, that elev8 works as the ambulance, the recovery blood counts, cholesterol, blood pressure and so on. He deduces from the, from such a situation of urgent situation normalizes. But in the intestines we work internal organs, too, repair need to. Not just homeostasis. Homeostasis is the state of intercellular fluid in the body, the person is water! And this one all water acceler8 normalizes, that is, removes acid, acidity. Restores acid-base pH balance intercellular fluid. Our blood and lymph, and cerebral spinal fluid all should to be alkaline except the gastric juice and urine. And have us now all already sour That’s what makes us sick, the acid. Hence, acid, arthrosis, arthritis, polyarthritis. Oxidation blood goes! Our blood, in General, alkalizes minerals. And the minerals we have, what? These are calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium and the main alkalizing minerals in the role play. Here we had eight and more several types of calcium. Calcium extract is, ionized calcium is. It’s this form, when it’s absorbed by the cells.

For example, calcium in chelated form is not absorbed. More calcium is not absorbed if magnesium No. Everything is taken into account here, so the company separately sold, there is in the first place to pursue the sale, the business has turned, and it is thought for people! Team of specialists so created a capsule! Before too capsules were created, but this is the most the best option today! In fact, it is a product of the 25th century! We are specialists in nutrition, nutritionists, more physiology study. Operator: How many years are you studying? For 20 years I I do this, I studied a lot on your own! I went to Moscow, got a certificate, it’s called a nutritionist., specialist in dietary supplements and the latest technology is my profession.

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