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Osteoporosis Exercises to Strengthen the Spine, Improve Posture, & Stop Compression Fractures.

Hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Brad Heineck, physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet in our opinion of course Bob Today Brad we’re gonna talk about osteoporosis exercises for spine strength and posture Very important to stop compression fractures This type of exercise and we’re going to show you how a compression fracture occurs A lot of people are going to be surprised by this I think Brad, yeah we see a lot of them You Know you have to deal with it once the compression fracture occurs, you want to deal with appropriately, but If you can stop it from occurring you know and you often can sure using some simple Techniques in life I guess you might say By the way if you are new to our channel please take a second to subscribe to us.

We provide videos on how to stay healthy, fit, painfree and we upload everyday. Also please go over to the Facebook and like us Because Brad and I, this is really a sad story, but as children nobody liked us Not even our pets, You’d say your dog did, but I don’t think he did, I think he did Anyway so we’re trying to get people to like us now as adults, all right Brad let’s get started. The first thing compression fracture What causes most compression fractures, here’s the spine And the spine is now oriented just like Brad, it’s facing this way And normally you have a little bit of a curve in curve maybe curve out curve in what am I doing here Brad curve out Curve in curve Out a little s right the spine, it’s not straight like a two by four it has a natural curve in It, well it’s supposed to What puts stress on the bones of the spine is when you’re in this rounded out position here. That slumped position Especially if you add weight, so like if you lift things like this If you pick stuff up like this You’re putting a lot of stress on the spine and this is what can happen if you have Osteoporosis or weakened bones osteopenia So here’s three vertebrae, these are the bones we took right out of the back, in pretend This is a model.

We put tape on two of the vertebrae so that you can see what happens here. So when you bend forward and If you have a healthy vertebrae They’re just gonna rock like this and they got the disks in between, it’s gonna be fine but if it’s not healthy, you put some extra stress on it, through lifting, you can actually squish down the bone And that’s what a compression fracture is, the front part of the vertebra collapses and squishes down, so you got the bone, it kind of crumbles, but it typically stays together, if you look at the xrays there’s a lot of little cracks, it’s like an accordion almost A lot of fracture lines occur, yeah and they’re very painful, they’re very painful and I think Sometimes now they’ll put cement in there as a correction, I’ve had a couple people where they’ve done that.

It seemed to help somewhat, Right obviously they’re not Mixing concrete That’s a special procedure, so that it goes in the bone itself and helps support it So number one thing is you’re gonna want to avoid that rounded out position, I mean you just want To keep your back as straight as possible, and these exercises are gonna help you do that because it’s gonna stretch out and Strengthen the back so Let’s go with just some of the easy ones Brad. One of the easy ones to do is when you wake up in the morning and because your shoulders and chest, if they’re tight, they’re gonna pull you around like this and So one thing you want to do when you wake up in the morning is just go ahead and Go ahead and stretch out like this, just bring your arms way overhead and let it stretch out This is a great one to just start in the morning If you’ve got a headboard on your bed you just kind of scoot your body down Or bring your elbows up, that’s true Brad, I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere if i had a headboard here, there might be a wall there, now you Can also take your hands and put them behind your neck like this and then you’re gonna stretch the chest like this Right out like this Now you can also do it like this, but this works as a good way to stretch it this way so then you’re going to flip over onto your stomach Brad You’re gonna take the two pillows So you’re gonna put two pillows one On top of each other and I hope you’re gonna be able to hear me yet cuz I got my microphone on here So in this position here you can use a roll towel here too, if you want i’ll get one for you Glad he’s doing something today, Yeah well you know I do what I can, All Right So in this position we’re going to start strengthening the back, and This is pretty low level Brad.

You can start with just one arm, You know lifting one Arm So he’s working those muscles that are gonna help pull that shoulder back and get this position to come back to this Position and Without even thinking about it, You just tighten them up So you can hold it for five seconds if you want or just Go up and down if you want flat but It is pretty aggressive actually, Yeah For you people you know if you’re older or you’re unable to lay on your stomach like this because of breathing issues or whatever We got some other options, Yeah we’ll show you some other options but You Know if you are able to do it, it’s a simple one you can do without having any equipment, so that’s why I always find It desirable, sure, you can also do this Brad, because we’re going to strengthen that low back too You can start by just doing one leg And then you can also do the other leg of course and then if you really want to get advanced you can do one arm Opposite arm and opposite Leg Really works that back and it starts to get this posture promoted, you want to let’s use that chair Brad and We’ll just go ahead and show you some exercises you can do in the chair All right again we’re trying to avoid this rounded out posture Brad, so a good exercise to do with this is to also Stretch the chest so you can put your hands behind your neck like this And stretch that chest back Stretch that chest.

The height of the chair back here can make a big difference on this working well or being comfortable If it’s too high like comes up in this area, it’s not going to work so good It needs to be right around mid back It’s nice if It goes below The shoulder blades It’s nice to be cushioned, it’s just a lot more comfortable, we’re gonna show you an option for that, okay You can also do what we call the hallelujah stretch You can do this one in church, Hallelujah Minister or priest I agree with What you’re saying Hallelujah You’re not scoring any points Bob All right and then yeah if the chair’s at the wrong height, if you want to go ahead and Just buy an inexpensive ball like this. You can get them at any of the big-box stores and this one it needs to Be a little bit soft. It doesn’t Have to be this soft If it is this soft it’s okay So what you’re going to do is you’re gonna put that behind your back and now this will work in any chair, because you can move it Up or down depending on where you’d like to work the back, and now you can do that stretch over the ball This works really well for osteoporosis and for a good stretch You Know and again a very inexpensive solution to getting a daily stretch and keep the ball In the chair and every time you sit down you do a few of these, You do these throughout the day it’s going to make a big difference A six or eight inch ball A basketball is not going to work A soccer ball, unless you let the air out, may or may not be able to A kickball, something a little squishy.

The final thing you can do Brad in the chair is some shoulder squeezes So all you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go ahead and squeeze your shoulder blades I usually put my arms at right angles like this and I just go back like this, So if you look at them from the side it looks like this, yeah you want to do the old hitchhiker audition, or you can do this and then go up like that even Has a little twist to it. That gets a rotator cuff just a little extra benefit, you know it’s a bonus We’re always giving out free things on here aren’t we, yeah well you gotta get ’em more By the way on Facebook, we’re always giving out free things, Why don’t you go and like us, we’re giving away a Thermatex, I like the way you did that pointing Okay next one Brad let’s talk about a couple standing ones you could do, One is Picture a doorway right here, am I getting all unkempt, Yeah Bob Primp yourself Turn around and primp yourself, all Right, you can lean into the doorway and stretch your chest out and it also stretches the back a little bit Brad’s going to show it in a corner So he’s stretching into the corner there and the same you could do into a doorway And you can go different heights, you know if your hands are lower or even like this Depending on the health of your shoulders because some people have shoulders that this will be very uncomfortable But you can go down here As you get more stretched out and if it’s comfortable, you just want to have a stretch, no sharp pains in the shoulders For me you know this is comfortable height right here Wow oh this feels good Bob Yeah take the camera off him, the next one Again if you’re Flexed like this, a good one is just to go ahead and do some stretching like this.

It works out well with the with The Stretch Out Strap or with a Yoga strap or you can issues a roll towel and you can just go ahead and put it around you like this and you can stretch back like this too And the nice thing about this is you can vary the level and sometimes You’ll find one area that feels much better it’s like Oh boy you just know it’s the right place to go, because it makes you feel good I’m glad you gave that little sound there Brad, all right next one We’re gonna go ahead and this is just I came up with this one Brad, again just some stretches you can do when you’re standing.

This oughta be good, yeah this ought to be good, you’re actually gonna stretch up To the side and back, just kind of like we were doing down there, I think that’s good Bob It’s a good stretch just don’t fall over, and watch out who you’re by you know When you got a 6 foot wingspan like Bob you gotta watch out, That’s right So, very simple, you can do like 10, 15 of those if you like And then we were going to talk about with the ball Brad Oh with the big ball, yeah with the ball Just a couple exercises you can do with a stability ball, in case you have one or if you’re thinking about getting a ball We have a lot of exercises you can do on the ball One That i like for Is you can actually if you’re laying down flat on your back, it’s just to go ahead and do some bridging Brad This helps work that core strength of the back, so you’re getting that distance between the buttocks and the mat, you can do this on the floor, go down on a carpeted floor Yep nice and safe But the one I really like with the ball Brad is the one that we were doing We talked about if Some people can’t lay on their stomach, a lot of people Still can do this one, even if they can’t lay on their stomach, they can Roll a little bit forward to get the pressure off your chest, and now you can do that one arm one Leg And this also takes a lot of stress off that low back, if you have any back issues and it Strengthens it as well, you Know this is Another good example of the beauty of the ball.

Yeah With the ball you can do wonderful therapeutic things, you can play ball with it you know if you’ve got kids. They can kick it around outside, it’s got many options Want to show squats like against the wall? Yeah so the ball on the wall yeah This is really a good exercise. This is one I would recommend for almost anybody because You’re strengthening legs, you’re getting some strength of the back and the core too But it’s just a real easy way to do it, right you know So feet about shoulder width apart, you’re gonna get them out in front of you, so you’re leaning up here and again Shoulders are gonna be back because that’s what we’re working for with this whole video And then with that good posture, you’ll squat down and go into that isometric chair position and back up, what’s nice as well, you can start off with real shallow squats if this is Too hard for you, just barely go up and down but it’s still gonna help and it’s it’s still very good for you We should do one little reminder Bob, Show The big mistake that if you have knee issues, this will make them worse, so if your feet are here Your knees should not go past this plumb line we call it, that’s how you can tell you’re going past That’s why you need to slide your feet forward and then make sure you have good grip shoes on, because we don’t want you to go sliding forward And then you get a compression fracture We want to make sure we stay safe, all right Remember Brad There’s something we can do, Yeah we can fix just about anything, except for that broken heart I’m still working on it Bob I got something going on in the garage right now, okay i’m glad to hear that you

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