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Ovarian Cysts | Q&A with Dr. Wang

(What is an ovarian cyst?) >> Ovarian cyst is a mass that grows in the ovary The substance in the mass may be solid or liquid (What are the symptoms of ovarian cysts?) Ovarian cysts usually have no symptoms When the doctor is checking May accidentally find them Sometimes patients will tell Some symptoms related to the size of ovarian cysts (How is the diagnosis of ovarian cysts?) Ovarian cysts are usually doctors based on physical condition And some through pelvic ultrasound or MRI Imaging research To diagnose (Is ovarian cysts affect fertility?) Ovarian cysts affect fertility Because the patient is very difficult Excreting eggs from the affected ovaries (What are the treatments for ovarian cysts?) Ovarian cysts have multiple treatments Depending on the age of the patient Have no symptoms And the size of the cyst This covers the cyst Long-term observation and monitoring Or surgically remove the cyst (Do you need a specialist to treat ovarian cysts?) Although treating ovarian cysts Does not necessarily require a specialist But looking for a complicated condition It is very important for doctors to cope with these situations.

(Is the ovarian cyst recurring?) Unfortunately, ovarian cysts may recur Especially when you are in the initial surgery Preserved the uterus Such a situation Need to be monitored by a doctor (What is the difference between minimally invasive surgery and open surgery for ovarian cysts?) When removing ovarian cysts The difference between minimally invasive surgery and open surgery In the size of the incision And the number of incisions Minimally invasive surgery About three to four small incisions are required People call it a band-aid surgery to remove cysts. Open surgery requires a large incision Either along the bikini line Either extend from under the navel In order to remove the cyst (Do you have any advice for women who suspect that they have ovarian cysts?) If you suspect that you have an ovarian cyst Must seek Doctor’s assessment And carry out the necessary checks To determine if you have a cyst (Why did the patient choose John Hopkins to treat ovarian cysts?) John Hopkins We are fortunate to have a large number Professionally trained minimally invasive gynecologist They are treating ovarian cysts Extensive experience in a variety of complex cases (surrounding electronic music)

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