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Welcome everyone Dr. Mandel here.

Most of us would agree that were overworked, not getting enough arrest and we’re overstressed. Therefore were feeling winded, we’re feeling weak and tired. Well I’m gonna show you today a simple technique that’s going to spark up your sympathetic nervous system, going to allow you to breathe better, to get more oxygen into your lungs. So you can get that second wind.

So we’re going to stimulate the autonomic nervous system. Particularly the sympathetic nervous system. This is going to instantaneously open up those nasal passages that’s going to allow you to breathe in more oxygen into your lungs. To get into those cells to give you that surge of energy this technique is quick and simple.

We’re going to use either thumb as our contact point. We’re going to contact the lower one-third of our chin on the anterior or front part. We’re going to take our thumb and push it right in the center of the lower 1/3 of our chin and as we push it we should find a tender spot. When it’s tender then you know you’re on the right point.

So now I want you to push in firmly and as you do so you’re going to feel a surge of energy, like you’re waking up, like you just drank coffee that caffeine is kicking in your system now. You’ll feel opening of the nasal passages, keep pushing in and it must be tender. And as you continue to hold that point it’s going to continue to open up more and more so you should feel that sudden burst of energy throughout your body. You will feel your nasal passages continue to open, the next several minutes your breathing will become much better. Use technique as often as necessary share this with your friends and family leave your comments below and most important make it a great day I’m Dr. Alan Mandel.

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