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Proper Sleeping Position Tips – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody its Doctor Jo, and I’ve got my gang with me today. We’re going to show you the best sleeping position tips, so let’s get started. A lot of times people ask me what position is the best position, but in actuality, it doesn’t really matter. Whatever is your comfortable position, your side, your back, or even your stomach. What’s important is that you keep your spine in a fairly neutral position. And we have that curve in our spine, so you want that that curve supported in the neck area, and in the lower lumbar area, so that’s what’s important. If you’re on your side, you still want to support it a little bit, if you’ve on your back you want it supported. A lot of stuff used to be that sleeping on your stomach was bad for you because you had to kind of turn your neck in a awkward position, but they’re finding out now that that really doesn’t matter unless you have a neck injury or something going on with your neck.

If you lie on your stomach and it’s comfortable, it’s okay, it’s not it’s not as big of a deal as people used to think it is. So I’m going to show you just a couple techniques that you can do to get you in that neutral position, get you in a comfortable position, so you can get a better night’s sleep because when you get a good night’s sleep, then you have a good day the next day. So starting off on your back, what I like to do for the curve in the lumbar area is if that tends to flatten out when you sleep, and then makes you have some pain, you know some sciatic pain, or from a disc herniation kind of thing, a simple fix is just to roll up a sheet or a towel and put it right where your lumbar area is going to be.

Now some people say wrap it around your body I think that might be slightly awkward when you’re sleeping. You can put it on top or if you move around a lot, what I found is put it underneath your top sheet so then it kind of stays in place, and you have your top sheet over it, but you might have to move it around a little bit to find that good spot for you. So if I’m here getting ready to sleep on my back, I would want that roll right there in that lumbar area, and it doesn’t have to be a lot that’s the thing it just has to be in to support that curve. So again it might take you a little while to figure out what that nice spot is to get that curve, so see where that curve is that’s where I want it, and then if it’s flat even if you then happen to roll over onto your side, it’s still getting that curve to help you stay in that neutral position.

So just rolling up something that’s soft, not too firm, is is really nice to have right there, and you can make it as long as you want if you roll over a lot and take up a lot of room, you can make it with a sheet that’s a long position, so just having it right there, and like I said, I like it going under the sheet because then it tends to stay in one spot and doesn’t move around quite as much. What I also found is really really comfortable for people especially if they have some back pain when they’re sleeping, if you’re lying on your back, prop up your legs just a little bit because if you’re down like this it puts a bigger arch in your back or that curve, but if you have your feet up a little bit, it helps put yourself in more of a neutral position.

So if you have some extra pillows, just prop them up here and bring them a little bit closer to you so everything’s supported, and so sleeping like this on your back then that makes that pelvis in that neutral position. This here makes that curve really nice and then you can sleep like this. I could probably sleep in this position all night long even though I’m a tosser and a turner, if I get myself in that nice comfortable position, I won’t have to move as much, and so it’s really nice to do that as well. So a couple pillows you want it to be fairly high if you just want to do one pillow, you can do that but to get you that nice position you might need two pillows for it. As far as sleeping on your side, what I would recommend is the still the little roll here to help you with this curve, and then especially if you have hip and knee problems, hip or knee problems, take the pillow and put it right here.

So what that does is on your side, it puts your hips in a neutral position. If you don’t have the pillow, you can see my leg goes down at an angle and that puts a lot of pressure on the hip, so especially those folks who’ve had a hip replacement or even a knee replacement, it’s a little uncomfortable, or sometimes they feel a lot uncomfortable, to have that pressure going down there, so if you put the pillow in between and lie down then you get in that nice neutral position, and it takes all that pressure off of your hip and off of your knees, so they’re not banging together like that. I also really like with side sleeping, I’m a side sleeper, and if you’re a side sleeper, I like a pillow that just like this one that has ear holes because if you’re like me a couple times I’ve woken up in the morning, and I guess I end up sleeping on my ear a little bit like that, and then it’s really painful the next day.

But this pillow like the Womfy which this is, is really nice because you can just put it right there and then that protects that ear so then it doesn’t cause pain while you’re sleeping like that. What’s also important, you can see here, is this is high enough where it’s supporting my neck and still keeping my neck in a neutral position, so when you have pillows a lot of times people want to pile up the pillows but then their neck is in that really bad position and putting a lot of pressure and strain on muscles, or some people not sleeping on pillows at all and it goes the same way you’re putting a lot of stress and pressure on those neck muscles which ends up, you wake up with a headache, neck pain, and sometimes even jaw pain. So having a good neutral position here you can see that everything is nice and in a neutral position and very very very comfortable.

And also having this space right here, then my shoulder is not getting pushed on so much. If I have a short pillow, then what happens is I put a lot of pressure on my shoulder and then people have shoulder pain, so a lot of times I’ve heard people ask well I have problems with my shoulder should I not sleep on my side. Well as long as you have something that keeps you up and so you don’t have all that pressure on your shoulder, it’s fine to sleep on your shoulder.

Now also sometimes sleeping on your side people want to get another pillow kind of as a hug pillow, but what this does is for the other shoulder so it doesn’t come down like this and put pressure on it. You can just prop it up and you can see I’ve made a pillow fort, but it’s very very comfortable. So as I lay my hand here, you can see that now I don’t have any more stress on that shoulder, and I’ve had a shoulder surgery, and so I know that a lot of times if I don’t have something to support it on it becomes very very painful in the middle night. Now if the pillow is too much, if you’re like me who sometimes it’s really hot when I sleep, you can place your elbow on your side here and then that will also take the pressure off of your shoulder as well. The pillow is probably gonna be a little more comfortable because it’s in more of a neutral position here, but you can also do it on your side like that as well.

So as you can see there’s lots of tips that you can use to make yourself get comfortable while you’re sleeping on your back, on your side, on your stomach. Sometimes I sleep on my stomach. If you’re sleeping on your stomach, you probably don’t want a pillow at all because once you get into this position, turning your head to the side, which most people would do is still going to keep it in a neutral position, so you don’t want to be up on a pillow for that one because that would put strain on your neck.

So those positions will helpfully get you a better night’s sleep, and that is how to sleep on your side, your back, and your stomach. So if you like to help support our Channel, click up here, and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking here. So be safe (get all your pillows), have fun, and I hope you feel better soon..

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