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RA Flares: What Triggers a Rheumatoid Arthritis Flare?

There’s not a single trigger in any one patient. In fact in one patient can have several unique triggers and a trigger can be different from patient to patient. But the common themes that I hear about in my patient population are definitely emotional stress. People going through a difficult time whether it is sometimes at work, at home or if they’re stressed about any particular situation, that can definitely trigger a flare. Infections can certainly trigger flares. But one of the most common triggers or flares that I hear about is weather. And unfortunately we don’t have much control over it. It is rather known, well-known that arthritis does the best in dry, hot environments. I would just suggest that for many patients when they are in that almost a pre-flare state when they recognize that they are about to flare and many patients do recognize that, if they can modify anything in their life at that point, for example, stress which is hard to modify, but maybe get extra rest and sleep sometimes it might be helpful. But these are the general triggers that patients often talk about in terms of their RA flares.

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