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Rheumatoid arthritis v osteoarthritis – the difference explained by an expert

So rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammation-type arthritis and it affects in the early stages the small joints of the hands and feet, and patients will know that they have rheumatoid arthritis or might have rheumatoid arthritis if they get pain and swelling in those areas and specifically and critically, the swelling is the case. And associated with that there will be some stiffness in the joints and typically the stiffness is worst in the morning rather than at night. Osteoarthritis on the other hand is a condition which tends to occur as we get older and it does not affect the joints so symmetrically. In other words, not the same joints on each side of the body. The fingers can be affected but there when the fingers are affected, it’s the ends of the fingers that can be affected or the base of the thumb, and they typically affect bigger joints such as the knee or hip and those are the joints that eventually wear out and require to be replaced by a surgeon.

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