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Rheumatoid Arthritis | Wim Hof Method Testimonial

my name is simply henk for the mountain behind in the most beautiful village of The Netherlands blaricum kenny miss yes i have one here forge there a family business I have had rheumatism since 1984 which is body I could not open a carton of milk time can not work take it to the went ahead and rheumatism would finger renewed by the elbow to become my shoulders were inflamed my knee was inflamed but right wrist was up to burn three years ago could hardly walk I had heavy medication from one rheumatologist one of those biologicals medication that not here anymore so then we are one light come on and our girlfriend mollema that is difficult to say in her wim sit in the ice cold water and cook doing things is to i call i have one jacuzzi and sauna I’m not gonna do it, just go and enjoy take things and sit nicely in my comfort zone and i’m going a gig and doing it to wim I challenged me to do things and started pressing 30 button now i dont go home and then go it won’t be thanks for the day i like it so much hi i am henk hunter 40 times what 40 40 years of printing then i will do it here 40 times well and the next morning he is sitting me up on breathing exercises separately practically practiced with him for 45 minutes I dig a little entertain 40 times I don’t know you get a pure one we can tear my cat 40 times all i had but i had him and me think you had what what what he gets up with me I also understand that that night before thymine jets put that in too to push so I was mentally charged and the next morning with the breathing he inspired me by myself show with what is printed there is still my possible and there I think that when I practice yoga just do it his enthusiasm and his transfer And his his look s yes and look nice beautiful guy just a nice natural guy so me am fanatic what I eat against them a start for that cold shower from it it really nothing at all who’s your legs underneath him that jesus man no you know the beautiful thing with it beginner pussy I don’t want to say that anymore and why unique not i just go number of months try to look back and if it works then I can go further not worked for a few months yes then it is also a shame and a pity but just nice just slow I certainly want to go further and further fanatic start breathing fanatically with the cold shower doing yoga control rheumatologist held by at I go with the belt on the metro down my corridor and would you like to do that because year is going to do yes but yes only one other reason for not doing it I got that one out of a thousand so no she is skinny now that I see I’m sitting then the medication line ends who knows what is going to happen I’m going to do the and the blood values ​​want better to stab swaalep we went down this 40 strong healthier and yes i was convinced you one and also the smoke with Foliage was pleasantly surprised out there on my rheumatism that are and for a large part they have been stopped and I’ll say that is over with stands still and among other things how the method of wim which I also on other traces have been put in duration or one do not want to claim the belt or method is sacred in resolving rheumatism though because you adjust your links join now at the bottom then conquer things happen to you the impact on me Everyday life has been that I love moderate actually performed more 80 meters print of my ability to do I have an older man here who is 80 years old he had this if I had not seen how you redecorate tapping does not believe direction and also my lady van toor die says think when i see you here I realized that I am very soulful I don’t see it every few days believes and again I want to emphasize that it’s only my ga who looked there fill in a slightly different person or until going to work and I want I want too don’t emphasize that it’s just about the belt or method goes but it is one important element in what you have to go You should also do it automatically on you power supply please go with automatically exercise and then it goes automatically yoga mindset but you go all sorts picking things up in order for the pad mark what you want to get rid of is that I kind of lifelong for me is this and that I am wrong there release more to like it too busy with me and i also had propagating and other people about you know side where it is enough company in the oven me transferring doing it is great for people applying look here is to suit is sometimes our courses of training or and start at I know myself and everyone and doctors go for a pill a thing with that those wipes know enough too little about yourself like a lot of it statistics and things personally you are the one who can initiate change and nobody else and the good thing is wim that he should encourage that also say so you give you a deal you know read more but take a look at this but you have to do it yourself you have to do it yourself want if you don’t want to stay nice to go home to read the newspapers watch a movie don’t do this if you want it convince you that you can change and that first very easy to do has been a name for months to look around

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