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The eyes are a very complex structure they’re tied in directly to the brain. There’s a lot of stimulation that goes on neurologically to allow us to have the vision that we have. It is essential that we nourish the eyes with the right nutrients to keep us healthy in our future. So I first like to review some essential nutrients that our eyes require to keep them healthy.

The lutein a potent antioxidant that protects the macula and the lens of the eye commonly found in our green leafy vegetables like our kales and spinach also in our citrus fruits.

Another potent antioxidant that should be consumed with lutein and is also a carotenoid that protects the macula in the lens of our eye is Zeaxanthin. It helps filter out damaging blue light that comes from digital devices which damage the macula commonly found in red and orange fruits and vegetables such as pumpkins tomatoes red peppers and squash.

Vitamin C a major antioxidant that helps reduce free radical damage this improves mineral absorption in the lens and supports brain and immune system health, commonly found in oranges, red peppers, broccoli, strawberries, Kiwi and green peppers.

Vitamin A helps prevent dry eye night blindness macular degeneration and helps strengthen the cornea beta-carotene this antioxidant and carotenoid is the precursor to vitamin A. It improves the macula lens and skin health and reduces free radical damage in the eye commonly found in carrots spinach and sweet potatoes.

Vitamin E this nutrient works with beta-carotene and vitamin C to decrease overall inflammation and protect the macula commonly found in sunflower seeds, almonds, red peppers and collard greens.

Zinc protects to the retina and lowers the risk of developing macular degeneration; it helps improve circulation commonly found in kidney beans flax and pumpkin seeds.

Omega 3 helps lubricate the cornea reduces eye inflammation and protects the retina and optic nerve commonly found in fatty fish like salmon as well as walnuts egg yolks and chia seeds.

Magnesium a key mineral in the entire body this helps the eyes by reducing eye twitching and spasming it protects the optic nerve and tissues at the back of the eye commonly found in almonds cashews avocados lentils and brown rice.

Vitamin d3 vitamin d3 helps prevent macular degeneration not only does it help strengthen the bones in the teeth this has a significant effect upon our immune system commonly found cod liver oil, sardines eggs and mushrooms.

Since we were little kids our parents always told us about carrots how good they are for our eyes and they are correct I love the carrot. Beet apple juice carrots contain a lot of beta-carotene that converts at the vitamin A. Beets contain lutein and zeaxanthin which support macular and retinal health and apples are rich, and bioflavonoids and that boosts our eye health. Your oranges your grapefruits your red and yellow peppers your broccoli lots of vitamin C strong antioxidants. Mix those however you like it, and your eyes will thank you for that.

A lot of you may not have the palate when it comes to certain juices. — one of the best antioxidants that you can put into your system our berries. Any kind of berries from strawberries to blueberries to blackberries to raspberries that will fight oxidative stress that will prevent oxidation from occurring in the cells to preserve the eye health that you deserve.

I love Tomatoes those deep rich red colours have that lycopene that lycopene is going to do magic to your eyes it will preserve the eye health. So take your tomatoes to be creative mix whatever you like with them, and you will reap the rewards start supplementing aloe juice it’s exceptionally high in minerals such as selenium and zinc and magnesium all which is essential to good a vision. It’s also packed with an abundance of different vitamins coconut water is mother nature’s most perfect drink it’s loaded with every type of vitamin-mineral amino acid, and electrolyte one can imagine for optimal health and vision. So to boost that eye health look for those dark veggies and fruits the dark orange carotenoids the dark green vegetables be creative mix them in juice them up, and your eyes will thank you.

I asked you to share this video, Article with your friends and family leave your comments below, and most important make it a great day I’m Dr Alan Mandel.

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