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Shin Splints Strengthening Exercises & Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it's Dr. Jo! We are talking
about shin splints, and what to do to help out your shin splints. Hopefully you've already
checked out the stretches, and made it feel a little bit better. Now that it's feeling
better, we want to strengthen everything so you won't have these shin splints anymore.
So let's get started with some of the strengthening exercises.

Alright, so the first strengthening
exercise to strengthen your shins and ankles will be with a band. Like we've talked about
the bands before, they come in different strengths, different colors. The yellow is usually the
lightest color, and then it goes red, green, blue, and black. So we're going to start off
with the yellow just to get you going, and let you see how it feels. You don't want to
start off too strong because you don't want to irritate it. So after you've done all your
stretches, you want to prop your foot up a little bit so you have movement. This might
not quite be enough, you can roll up a beach towel and that will give you some good width
off the ground so you have movement in your ankle. What you want to do is take the band
and put it just on the balls of your feet. So you don't want it up on your toes because
it will fly off like that, and you don't want it down low because that's not going to give
you enough resistance.

So right there on the ball of your foot. You're going to keep your
leg straight, and you're just going to push down as far as you comfortably can, and they
is stretching out your anterior tibialis, and that's strengthening it as well. You want
to come back nice and slow so there's some control in there. Bring it back as far as
you can. So you're just going to push down and come back. Now as you can see my foot,
you don't want your foot shaking around as you go, you want to try to keep it as still
as possible because that is focusing on those muscles to help strengthen them. If you feel
like your ankle is wiggling around like that, you probably have too much resistance. So
go down on resistance, and even if the lightest band is too much, then just don't use the
band and just push down and pull up as far as you can. Once you can do 20-25 with one
band and it feels easy and you don't feel any burning anywhere, then you want to bump
up to the next resistance band.

Alright, so the next strengthening exercise, you're going
to be standing. So let's stand up and we'll show you those. Okay, so here's some standing
strengthening exercises for your ankles, your calves, and your anterior tibialis muscles
in the front to help out with those shin splints. So the first one, what you want to do, I'm
going to turn at an angle so you can see. This is the first step, this should be the
easiest one for you. It's going to be a simple raise up on your toes and roll back onto your

If you need something to hold onto, make sure you hold on, you don't want to be
falling, you don't want there to be too much pain. So if you need something to hold onto
to stabilize, that's fine. So go up on your toes and back on your heels. You don't want
your feet to be completely together, you want to have a nice separated stance. Up on your
toes and back on your heels. So once you've tried going up on your toes and back on your
heels and that becomes easy, then you can add movement in it, and that's what we call
dynamic movement.

That's going to help increase your balance as well. So your going to go
up on your toes and walk on your toes, and then when you turn around, you're going to
come back on your heels. Now go a little further than I do. I don't have quite as much room,
but you want to start off with 10-15, if that's easy, then you can go a little further. Walking
down on your toes, and coming back on your heels. Now the next one is going to be a drag.
This going to be a stretch and strengthening at the same time. You just want to bring your
foot back and drag it forward. That's straightening everything out there, but it's also making
me work those muscles a little bit. Just dragging it forward.

Drag it forward straight, and
then you can also turn your foot in so you get a little bit more on the outside there,
and drag it forward that way. You can do that about 10-15 times. You don't want it to be
super painful, but you want to feel some tension and feel like you are working those muscles.
If those are easy, then you can step it up a little bit. You can get some extra motion
in there. We are going to use a step ladder like we did for the plantar fasciitis, but
it's kind of a step up from the plantar fasciitis. So this allows you to get extra motion. So
you are going to drop your heels all the way down and then do a heel raise here.

So your
not just here at the ground, but your getting that extra motion, that extra lift off. Once
you get to where those feel easy, then you can go to one foot. All the way down, all
the way up. Same thing, you want to be able to do 15-20 of those without getting super
tired. Alright, so there you have it. Those are exercises to strengthen your shins and
ankles so you won't have shin splints anymore. So if you liked it, click the like button,
and if you want to check out some more videos go to And be safe, have fun,
and I hope you feel better soon!.

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