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Simple Strengthening Exercises for Painful Knees Using A Set of Stairs (Arthritis/Osteoarthritis)

[Music] [Music] hi folks I’m Bob Shrum physical therapist threatening physical therapist you know we have the famous most famous physical therapist on the internet that’s right Bob and our opinion of course that’s right and our opinion is always somewhat correct they were to talk about simple strengthening exercises for painful knees using a set of stairs voilá arthritis or osteoarthritis these work out really good for this because a lot of people have stairs Brad right they don’t to buy any equipment unless they want to add like some weights to this after a while but it’s a it’s a great way to do it correct so you don’t injure the knee right more than it is already or make it hurt more than it is all right we’ll get into that right and it’s true I can’t tell you how many times I asked you have any stairs in your house going north to the up stairs and it’s nice bishop they have two handrails right work with you’ll see why that really comes into play or by the way if you are new to our channel oh let’s take a second to subscribe to us we provide videos how to stay healthy fit pain-free and reload every day also join us on our social media platforms because once again I can’t even see but we’re at an Instagram on Facebook join us on Facebook you can actually see it on YouTube here down below we are doing a giveaway again we’re gonna doing a giveaway every week but this week we’re giving away the sleep of Asian man they are really nice mattress really high-end a matter of fact I just got one in the mail yesterday at my house oh nice yep we’re having guests coming over and we want to make sure that they got the good comfort yeah no come you know this is some reason to visit Brad now yeah before there wasn’t anything well my wife yeah that’s right that’s easy she’s Pleasant yeah yeah we got upon somebody now okay let’s talk about it first thing Brad I want you to follow three rules when you’re doing exercises with painful need sure one you’re not gonna wanna bend your knee more than 90 degrees yep so I’m at night squad yeah it’s the right angles 90 degrees and ideally to start you probably don’t want to even go past 45 degrees and the reason that is this is 45 right won’t halfway between a right angle and straight up and doctor or cousin II when you go past that you’re starting to grind the cartilage you know you got the cartilage in your knee I don’t know can we see this on him or not we’re doing this spontaneously but you got the that’s the cartilage right there and when you go past the 45 you really start to put pressure on that cartilage are we doing look and typically you’re gonna feel it it’s gonna hurt ya let pain be your guide with these as well it’s very good bread because that you know no matter what we say if it hurts when you’re doing this you can’t do these right you gotta back off and do something it’s not it’s not no pain no gain philosophy it’s it should not be hurting so that’s that’s rule number one rule number two and we want to show what that using the ballistics I don’t want the need to pass the toll whenever you’re bending the leg so what it means is we have a vertical line on the toll and as you go forward we don’t want that knee going like that we want to get to here and then you’re gonna drop down here and that’s where you use a hand rail or use the stick it’s nice to have for balance and know if you have a painful knee I’ve had people drop down and they hit that painful spot cuz they went too far yeah I wasn’t cautious enough with them and I had one lady it’s like she went down I mean she didn’t get hurt but it’s like you know I grabbed her to say so be careful catch in the knee is weak right be cautious so take your time with these and the last thing is the last rule is that the bottom bone here the tibia and the fibula we’ve got a piece of tape on here spread on Brad’s you don’t want that to go in or out because it is you’re putting stresses on the knee on this case you’re putting like this way you’re putting stress on the medial compartment here in this case you’re putting stress on the lateral compartment you don’t need to know that all you need to know is this needs to be straight up and down straight vertical yep and so yeah I always tell you know just look at your kneecap it should be in line with your toe if you’re lined up here usually people have a tendency to do this direction but not all especially women little wider hips a lot a lot of women and and yeah and and that’s how they tend to get injured too and volleyball and stuff like that it has to do with the cue angle but that’s yeah we don’t need to get into that so let’s talk about the first one Brad you have a set of stairs it’s nice again if you have two railings but you can just start off by doing some squats and you can do it a progression here so what’s nice is you can hang on to the railings and I can do some shallow squats I’m keeping my knees back behind the toes I’m not going in I’m not going out I’m just starting some squats and depending on how your shirt stairs are shaped you might even be able to take your butt down to the stair you know in case you lose your balance you know you could just drop onto the stair and not worry about it right so you can start doing these squats you can cut you know keep in good position body back wise and work it that way now if that gets to be too easy you can go with one handrail and maybe you only have one handrail and sometimes if they only have one hand really make a stick or a cane and they can you know use that in one hand in the rail in the gap exactly or they can get progressed to the one just going with the the the booyah stick or the handrail so again and then finally you can actually add some weights Brad do you wanna I brought purple to match my outfit today yeah then he happens to be a Viking fan but we don’t hold that against them and they had such a good year ok so again you could do that or you can keep them up here wherever you feel most comfortable here but you can start doing some squats by the time you get the weights your pain in your knees you should be feeling pretty confident it should not be painful this is more towards the end of your rehab exactly so the next one we’re gonna do is actually what we call lateral step ups and this these work out really well on a step so I’m strengthening this one right here sure so I step up to the step and this railing here prevents my knee from going too far so it keeps you keeps you honest basic sure and you can use the railing if you need to and you can step up like this and it’s just doing little step ups like this and this may seem really easy but on a higher step and if your knee is weak this is probably one of the better ones for you to start and also you don’t want to have if there’s a wall there that keeps you from leaning fright and anxiety that way so you know the wall would be here show them what sometimes people compensate yeah they want to go like this yeah and then that’s that’s not proper yeah so on the next step up next step up would be no kind of it know with no railing at all and trying to work this way and you want to try to slowly go down right when I don’t try to go too fast and the social horror after a while I know Fred what I do with this when people get good I say pull your toe up and just let your heel touch oh sure so you’re going like this yeah and then go down just the heel touches and then pretend there’s an egg underneath your heel so you just touch the floor front that you see yeah gets much harder don’t use that for a balance but that’s for advanced low my legs are pretty strong I thought they were yeah that is a more advanced and then of course you add weights to that right and it’s gonna really start getting tough it is amazing how little things if you do improperly you could really have some pretty tough exercises oh you’re all right Brad it’s I’m actually starting to feel it here yeah and again this is a short step yeah you’re the shrimp we’re about six inches here so all right next one let’s just flip it around here Brad I like this one too because Valerie right um you have those those shows like oh yeah well you know you know yeah I know what you’re talking about somebody at least does all right so we’re gonna do a step up here on this one how about this again you can use the rail or one rail and you step up and it’s really easy to keep the knee past back behind its hole and with this one now now you’re getting into the the hamstring a little bit right and the the glute Max and so you’re getting some of the muscles behind the knee – right not just in front of the knee very functional obviously yeah when you get better you’re gonna be going up and down steps maybe doing some hiking up and down some hillsides etc and notice I got the stick here so it keeps Bob you want to keep that posture upright as opposed to leaning forward and cheating or compensating as we were and I’m doing the same thing you had recommended Brad when I go up and now I’m just touching my toe and coming back up again how you starting to feel it I mean and if I go to one and if I go to zero it’s actually very difficult I mean when you start to getting that one leg and again you don’t want the leg in or out you want it straight forward like Brad said to me going right up over the toll all right right in the middle so obviously we’re going through a pretty progressive rate of exercise from simple to when it’s painful and weak and these last ones you know it may take weeks to get to them yeah I mean if you get to the point where using like double weights and you’re doing step ups I got a feeling this is not gonna go well actually it went okay okay so yeah that makes a big difference right so you’ll have you know you’ll know all your judgment if you’re an athlete you’re 25 years old you might be you know using heavier weights or even one of the next exercise yeah once you show the next one Brad you know you you do these on a what a couple weekly times a week three times a week today’s the Bulgarian split Bulgarian split Bulgarian shuffle I don’t know what’s a shuffle far just kidding just kidding so you put one leg back here we didn’t know it had a name that’s the split Bulgarian I usually use a stick boy a stick with mine because I like it for balance I know I see people doing it without a stick and with weights so which one are you strengthening Brad the front one yeah and you’re getting some of the back when you a nice stretch on the hip flexor on the back leg which is give it a it’s like a bonus so and I’ll do this I’m I’m looking to make sure my knee is in line on my toe not right or left and I’ll go down to about 90 degrees and up and I’ll do three sets of ten on each leg and again if it’s problems you know if it’s problematic you can go down to 45 degrees sure you angle you wouldn’t have to go all the way down right you know if you want to use weights a good good posture here and you know weights no I don’t well maybe I should I don’t have any weights I don’t use any waves I use all bands and I use a stick and I use a ball and I like the benefits from that but maybe I’ll get into weight someday alright well we’ll be waiting with bated breath bad ok by the way if you’re new to our channel we already said that if you we can fix just about anything that’s what I was trying to say oh good but Bob it’s snowing outside is a good sign except for a broken heart but we can fix this about anything except for a broken I really messed that up Brad well I know but you know it happens but thank you everything live so you know it’s we don’t we don’t things happen alright thanks for watching you

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