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The Heartache Of Having Two Vaginas

the hardest thing about the whole process it’s not feeling like a woman then the whole tease Aegina thing you just feel like well the surgery [Music] [Laughter] now sneaky try some back has come across many rare medical conditions in her work for her own medical anomaly affects less than 1% of women my surgeon had told me as I died in fact had two uteruses to the Dinah’s and two cervixes as a makeup of my reproductive system prior to surgery you would have the opening normal labia and then it funnels up and splits off into a Y and that’s two different vaginal canal at the end of the canals there were few little donut areas for services and that divided off and get you suffering liter embodies cross such my friend did for me when my surgery that is the cervix cervix is and then the teacher says with the ovaries Nikki first started having problems when she was just 13 years old so I first noticed that something was wrong when I was bleeding more than I thought I should and the pain was intolerable when I was on my period I could not function having cheese vaginas my checks I’m dating difficult for Nikki as E as a reaction I had to finding out I had two vaginas I felt like a freak of nature honestly when a doctor tells you that you think what the hell what do I do and then there’s the other of sizes you know trying to explain that to your partners before you have sex like hey I’m a little different down there since matching husband auntie Vicky has found a love and acceptance she was the concern I can’t even honestly begin to imagine what she’s been through because I’m not a woman but I could get you know a glimpse of it because I could see the after-effects of it I love her and she’s the one he’s me rock you takes care of me these never made me feel like it is pointed Nikki’s really strong I commend her for being strong as she was getting through all this I can only imagine how hard it was for her Nikki’s condition has turned a lot of pain and has caused much heartache I’ve had three miscarriages you get very desperate when you want to have children and you just wonder what am I doing wrong why am I going through this my hardest and darkest moment after my last miscarriage and I’d been bleeding for six months straight you’re drained just want to be done and you have moments or you don’t want to live but you know you have to so staying strong is all I could do put on a big smile and do it together do to get by and five months ago she made a life-changing decision it wouldn’t be safe for me to try to have a child nor would it be a good idea with the bleeding issues I was having so I was 31 and had my mind set on having a hysterectomy because the quality of life wasn’t good first I was okay with it and but the feeling I felt knowing that I could not have my own children and I kind of thought on the–the like i wasn’t really a woman i wasn’t fulfilling what i wanted to do my quality of life since the surgery has been fantastic i’m happy and i can get healthy now i have the energy to do so today nikki is visiting dr. Brooke winner for a follow up appointment oh are you to go again well how are you good any issues or problems in surgery no man see the first thing I’m going to just check the incisions on your abdomen so these incisions look perfect these will continue to get flatter softer and less noticeable up to the course of a whole year so what you see now is not the final product something that those look like those are healing upgrades now nikki is looking forward to the future and hopes that one day she’ll be able to have a family of her own I want to adopt one day hopefully soon there’s so many women out there that have anomaly I don’t feel like they have anybody so you’re not one and you’ve got to be strong and you’re not a circus freak if you have two vaginas you’re just different you learn to work with it you you

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