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The Truth About Drinking Celery Juice Daily Doctor’s Opinion

I want to talk about celery juice you want to talk about celery juice in fact hundreds of thousands of people want to talk about drinking pure celery juice every day and its potential benefits so much so that it’s become an internet phenomenon in the past few years I personally believe that the merriam-webster dictionary needs to induct the phrase celery stalk er into its dictionary because it’s become such a phenomenon now I’ve personally tried it in fact I first tried it about 12 years ago for a couple of weeks I’ve tried it since I found it to be not an unpleasant and experience it is mild and taste I certainly felt the detoxification effects from it my skin looked great but I was only able to sustain it for a couple of weeks and that’s the feedback that I hear from most people now because I’m a trusted source of research I recently got a question about celery juice and drinking it is it real is it for real or is it all hyped up so I doubled down and I looked at the research about what the potential benefits are compared to what might be over Flay ting now let’s talk first of all about the history of celery celery the scientific name is called apium graveolens it’s in the a PACA family of vegetables and plants many of which have beneficial effects historically orally celery has been used to treat rheumatism gout hysteria nervousness headache weight loss exhaustion celery is also used as a sedative as a diuretic as a urinary antiseptic a digestive aid an anti flatulence so it helps with gas and aphrodisiac and some cultures it helps with stopping lactation for regulating bowel movements stimulating the production of hormones from glands for blood purification for high blood pressure for PMS symptoms and for hundreds of years of course it’s been part of a trifecta in French cuisine mirepoix that includes celery onions and carrots part of a delicious trifecta that is the base of so much French cuisine now I do want to point out that most of the research on celery has been conducted on the seed and that’s because the components and compounds are most concentrated in the seed there are some studies on celery stocks and celery juice and I’ll get into that in a moment the most important compound of celery is called apigenin it’s a natural flavor it’s widely distributed in plants such as celery and the ABAC a family research has shown that higher intake of apigenin can reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases dietary or therapeutic apigenin has value as a good cellular regulator in cancer especially cancers of the gastrointestinal tract but again these studies have been done on celery seed it may reduce blood glucose levels in one mouth study celery leaf extract or celery stalk extract ie celery juice reduced blood pressure cholesterol triglycerides and improved risk factors in mice for cardiovascular disease a really cool study was done on mice on a chemo therapeutic agent called doxorubicin and that’s among one of the most potent and toxic chemotherapeutics drugs commonly used in the treatment of cancer and what they did is they gave mice doxorubicin and they gave another group of mice celery juice and the celery juice with doxorubicin seemed to protect against damage likely due to increasing a powerful antioxidant called glutathione and other anti accident effects some again even celebrities and medical medians have called it a miracle juice and there’s recently been a craze on the internet about drinking pure celery juice anecdotal and testimonial evidence is clear most people like it but again it’s it’s not sustainable that’s what most people give me feedback and that’s what I found myself you can do it for a couple of weeks maybe a month but it’s it’s not a sustainable practice in my opinion it does stimulate bile production from the liver and and the gall bladder so it potentially can help break down fat and help with weight loss it has anti-inflammatory effects it’s high in vitamin K so it’s good for bone health and heart health it’s a diuretic and it’s high in nitrates so it can help dilate blood vessels and as a diuretic you can lose water so it potentially can help with high blood pressure and increase blood flow to muscles if you’re an individual that works out a lot with resistant exercise its purported to be an antibacterial antifungal agent specifically for the urinary tract though those studies again have been mostly performed on celery seed it does seem to be good for skin health and the components are caffeic acid for Ehrlich acid apigenin lutein saponin ‘he’s camp roles and coumarins phytosterols which help to fight free radicals and help the skin to look more youthful now you can achieve celery juice with a juicer that’s pretty easy you can also achieve it through a blender I would recommend that you chop it up first so those celery strands don’t bind up the blender so chop it up and a little bit of water to the blender blend it up and then you’ll have to pour it into a muslin bag or a hemp bag and squeeze out the juice now personally I have found that making a juice cocktail was more been a for me including celery a little bit of beet a little bit of carrot just a slice or two of Apple adding some ginger I have found to have more powerful effects than pure celery juice now as the case with all juices it has no fiber but that’s okay with celery because it’s low glycemic and the juice itself should not cause any kind of spike in blood sugar I would recommend that you sip it drink slowly start slowly start with only three or four ounces you can work your way up because in my experience and thousands of other people if you chug it or if you start with quantities that are too high it can be quite the detox it can be quite the laxative so you may experience loose bowels initially it typically only lasts a day or two now there are some cautions it is safe for most people but there are some cautions to drinking pure celery juice it may actually prolong the activity of certain medications like acetaminophen or Tylenol and certain antidepressant medications like effexor it may have anti platelet activities due to some compounds in celery so if you have bleeding disorders proceed with caution it is a diuretic so it can have anti hypertensive or lower your blood pressure and so as a diuretic losing water if you’re on lithium or high blood pressure medications you need to be cautious it does have bile stimulating activities so if you have no gallbladder proceed with caution it is curiously one of the vegetables that have the highest known allergic responses so if you know that you’re allergic to celery please do not drink pure celery juice and again if you proceed too quickly and consume too much early on it can be laxative and certainly that is detoxification processes but if you’re prone to diarrhea if you have IBS or irritable bowel syndrome it may worsen those symptoms so that’s what the research shows again most of the research has been done on the seed but there has been some research on the juice itself is it a miracle juice is it a miracle cure no but I found it to be effective for short-term use and thousands of people out there anecdotally testimony have found the same thing I believe in the original meaning of the word doctor they’ll carry which is teacher if you have questions I want to know what those questions are so that I can inform you of what the science shows so that you feel comfortable and confident with some of these health fads that are on the internet if you have experience drinking pure celery juice please let me know I want to know what those experiences are so that I can broaden my scope and understanding of health fads I really appreciate your time and attention I know you’re doing this to learn more about your health and well-being at Zenith labs we actually have a supplement called pure greens it contains several foods from the APA CA family I encourage you to check that out it’s actually 57 super foods you can add to your smoothie and tastes great and it is powerful in its antioxidant effects we have a website zenit labs calm we have a Facebook page Instagram check those out make sure that you subscribe to this page share it with your friends and loved ones so that you are more informed and they are more informed about some of these health fads that are on the Internet thanks so much for your time and attention my name is Dr.

Ryan Shelton.

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