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The Woman Who Is Burning From The Inside Out


when I got my hand / I just thought that I broke my hand had no idea that it would change the rest of my life I suffer from a condition known as CRPS which stands for complex regional pain syndrome 29 year old Kayla’s rare condition is so painful that has been nicknamed the suicide disease CRPS is a condition where your nervous system attacks your entire body so some people it will contain itself in one arm or one foot one leg in my case I have a full body from head to toe so literally my nervous system is attacking every part of my body it is rated the highest pain disease there is in the world CRPS outranks any amputations it outranks natural childbirth any broken bones more painful than cancer there’s four stages and I haven’t stage for most patients with copd Rhian severe pain but one of Kahless symptoms is much more rare I get burns all over my scalp clearly you can see the burns all over my arms up to my shoulders this one right here would be an example of one that’s been on my body for about two weeks I’m actually being burned from the inside out I have to use special creams one of them that works the best is bio Fane which it’s used actually to treat cancer patients and their radiation burns because those are the only other types of burns that come from the inside out only a very small percentage of CRPS patients actually suffer from the physical burns it took a simple accident at work which bought on caelis CRPS when she called me that night that her hand was smashed at work she sent me a picture and I thought okay you the worst scenario is you broke it and I wish that would have been the case but it just turned into a nightmare from that day on when I first had diagnosed I was kind of in shock at first I didn’t really put two and two together how serious it was I didn’t realize at the time that it would completely stop me in my tracks I mean it flipped my whole world upside down I went from managing a fine-dining Italian restaurant and working anywhere from 60 to 80 hours a week to now literally I can I can barely get out of bed it’s kind of pain is I I mean you wouldn’t wish it on anybody numerous times I’ve just you know I wish it could have been me but it isn’t on a scale of one to ten my CRPS pain most days is a ten that’s with my medicine I might get lucky some days and it goes down to a nine or a nine and a half but it never goes below that [Music] this is about a year’s worth of empty prescription bottles I went from before I had CRPS to I mean barely even taking an aspirin to being bombarded with all this medication I’ve gone on quite a few treatments so it’s getting CRPS none of them ever works for me about a year year and two months of having this disease I finally came to the acceptance point of it so now I’m still hoping for a cure but at the same time I realized that this is a disease that I’m gonna have for the rest of my life treatment of CRPS usually focuses on pain management but a michigan-based chiropractor believes that by realigning Kayla’s body her symptoms might reduce so she’s traveled 3,000 kilometers to see him so how are you today doing okay we’ve had a busy day so far okay you get fatigued easily yes okay I get tired very easily but I mean whatever I have to do I can you know I can fight my way through it [Music] there’s a lot of torque involved in this Oh was that surprised or pain Oh pain okay let me brace your head while you sit up how you feeling right now sorry what’s the first thing that you feel when you’re gonna have an episode of getting more stars is it it starts bringing down beat from head to toe I feel like someone’s dumped gasoline on me let me on fire and put me in a trash compactor but my scalp my face and my arms all the way up to my shoulders there’s this kink at the very top and they had that’s causing all of these problems with their sympathetic nervous system adjusting the top two bones in your neck well help fix the head tilt and working on your long neck moving those bones forward will allow your head to fall back over your body and take a lot of pressure off of your spinal cord just basically they described it as I mean my nervous system is attacking every part of my body we’re increasing the space between the skull and the top of the neck to allow the cerebral spinal fluid to come out and the blood to go up and her head will come back where it belongs and things will balance out and if it’s a problem in her brainstem that’s where the temperature of your body is controlled the doctors are pretty nerve blocks at the top of her arm to stop pain from going down your arm but the problems not inter arm its Internet in her brain so she can start healing herself once this interference is gone and things should get back to normal or she can get off the steroid so she can lose the way that she gained so she can get back in shape and she can go back to work like she wants to for the first year that I had this diagnosis I definitely was not positive at all I finally realized you know and I have this disease I can’t work I need to focus my energy on something so I became my own advocate I started researching numerous different treatments on finding different doctors across the country to go to didn’t just listen to my pain management doctors took things into my own hands I’ve got some information on the place in Florida that’s doing the stem-cell therapy you have to go through a full blood transfusion so they can clean out all your blood I can’t give up hope I have to keep fighting because I’m not even 30 years old yet and I refuse to just give up my life I want to work again I have a family do all the things that everybody my age should be able to do my hopes for the future are that I can continue being an advocate for this disease and help spread as much awareness as possible as well as hopefully keep pushing until I find the treatment that is gonna work for me [Music]


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