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Things People With Down’s Syndrome Are Tired of Hearing

Because you never know what might come out of my mouth (laughter) Like “What is Down’s Syndrome?” Bella’s saying. What makes you angry? Smoking Nigel Farage. You don’t like him? Not in the slightest People with Down’s syndrome can’t have relationships Well obviously they can have relationships Kissing is my favourite pastime Yes I reckon So you’re really romantic? Oh, so romantic I like William Hague, George Osborne and Justin Bieber Not David Cameron though People with Down’s syndrome can’t learn Yeah, alright then Yes they can Maybe sometimes they might need a little bit of a push Umh yep I’ve got qualifications in costumer service, qualifications in hair dressing. I passed all 10 of my GCSE’s. People with Down’s syndrome are just normal people You know “will she be able to do this, will she be able to do that?” I say, “Yeah, she’ll be able to do everything it’s just we’ll take the scenic route” This is our pet hate Adults with Down’s Syndrome are like children Do you ever have people like come up to you and talk to you like you were a child? Yes It’s patronising But some people do the head tilt as well “Bless her, isn’t she lovely.

How old is she?” infantilisation, do one Yes Please Some people say it’s a disease, it’s not No Down’s syndrome is a condition which is caused by an extra chromosome It doesn’t stop you from doing anything, does it? Well, exactly We bring something different to the world that other people can’t People sometimes do come out with words like “Down’s syndrome sufferer’ The only thing I suffer from is… Bad attitudes “Those with Down’s syndrome can’t live independently” I hope not Of course they can because I live independently I’m hopefully wanting to live with my boyfriend I wouldn’t mind living somewhere with my girlfriend as well I have a life I got out with friends and having a nightlife as well I’ll get my ensuite back if you move out So you want me to move out today? No “Those with Down’s Syndrome can’t have jobs” Well that’s wrong Of course they can Yeah of course they can Yeah I’ve had so many different jobs I work at a hair salon and I love it I’ve went through retail Office work Went back to retail and then I went back to office work and then media I’m also an actor as well I got a job as an actor and a dancer You’ll be famous one day Tommy Yeah Well Even more One day I might be put in EastEnders You never know But she can be anything she wants to be Unless she wants to play for Liverpool, in which case..

Everton It’s quite upsetting to hear about something like that But it was 90% of people were getting rid of it because they found out they were Down’s syndrome And I thought, “That’s shocking” Some people call Down’s syndrome a serious handicap, but it’s not Babies with Down’s Syndrome can be aborted at 40 weeks I’ve heard of that Whereas a baby without Down’s Syndrome, obviously the cut-off point is 24 weeks so I think there’s an ethical question there We can all lead amazingly active lives, can’t we? Yeah She doesn’t like the testing “Do you wish you didn’t have Down’s Syndrome?” No Why? It’s just me, it’s a part of me I may have Down’s syndrome But without it I don’t think I’d really be me I don’t wish that I wish people would see Down’s syndrome in a positive light My motto in life Is: Down’s syndrome so what?.

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