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Thumb Splint & Spica Brace for Basal Joint Arthritis, Trigger Thumb, Tendonitis or Sprains

Hi I’m Janet with BraceAbility and I’m here today to talk to you about our Hard Plastic Thumb Splint. This is one of our more popular items and hopefully I will answer all of your questions today. First of all it is designed to treat arthriti,s tendonitis, trigger thumb, sprains, fractures, and any type of thumb instability. It’s gonna immobilize the MCP joint which is this joint at the base of the thumb where the thumb joins your palm and, it’s also going to immobilize the CMC joint which is this joint at the bottom of the palm where your wrist is. First of all, make sure you have it on the correct thumb. You loosen the strap, you tighten up the strap, and you just wrap it around and it’s on. Now you’re going to notice that it doesn’t quite fit exactly tight and that’s normal and it comes with a piece of padding that you can either put around the thumb area, you can put on the palm side, or the backside of your hand, or even around the hard plastic part of the brace itself so that it snugs up on your wrist a little bit better.

So for those of you who would like to wear the stockinet underneath the sleeve, you put it on, pull it down just a little bit and again slide that on your thumb and you put your strap around and there you go. And if you look really close you’re gonna see that the size medium, I have a lot more room than I do on the size small, but I’m six foot tall and I have larger hands.

So actually the medium is a better length for me cuz it’s gonna be about a half an inch longer than the size small and. But this is fairly snug on my hand so I don’t have quite as much movement down below where this one I probably have a little bit more movement than I do with this small. So, if you’re in between sizes kind of look at the palm of your hand and think okay is it a little bit thicker is it a little bit narrower and then you know if you think it’s a little bit narrower go the smaller size if you think it’s a little bit larger go the larger size.

You can wear it all day, you can wear it when you’re you know doing any of those activities that you think are going to irritate your thumb. You can wear it at night too and that should help with with the pain that you are experiencing while you’re healing. We get a lot of questions from our customers who say help my strap has come off. You know maybe your kid has gotten it, you know maybe you were laundering it and sometimes it is just a little bit tight fit to pull these off but it comes apart. Now this is my size medium, you’re gonna see there’s the letter “H” in the letter “I” so it’s “HI” you know if you need help send us “HI” and help you know how do I put this back on. So, the easiest way is there is a little loop at the end of this it’s going to be the opposite side where the Velcro is.

You just slide it in the center part of the letter “H” and make sure that it’s in there. You’re going to wrap it around the back of the brace, and again that’s a little bit thick there where they’ve sewn it together so you might have to tug just a little bit. And then you just wrap it around voila it’s back. Now the size small is a little bit different the size large is gonna be the same as the medium.

That one has the letter “H” as well however it doesn’t have that other “I” that was on the medium. So if you take this, and I find it’s easier on this one at least to just go ahead and fasten the strap. You can still see your letter “H”. Take your loop and again you just work it, put it in there kind of wiggle it just a little bit, check on the back to make sure that it is secure.

Unzip it, wrap it around you’ve got this rethreaded as well. So hopefully you’ve learned a little bit more about our Hard ThumB Splint today and if you do have any questions please let us know. We hope that we’ve helped you Get Back to Life! so thank you again for watching this video have a great day.

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