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Tip #5 Use Towel Rolls For Back & Neck Pain Lacey Olympia WA Chiropractor Dr David Warwick

HI this is Dr David Warwick of Warwick Chiropractic in Lacey Olympia Washington. This is tip number 5 episode 5 in helping you with your neck and back pain and headaches. This one is a simple one but you have to typically do it at home or someplace that you can do it in the laying position that you can be comfortable in that area. All you simply do is get a type of towel, either a hand towel or a bath towel.

Most of the support really in creating the curvature is for our neck and our lower back area. As we sit more or in positions of work that cause us to loose those normal postures and curves in the neck. We want to help create that. All you do is have to find a hand towel at home, a bath towel. Of course there is going to be different densities and simply fold it in half, usually the long way and put 2 rubber bands on it on the end. You can place it under your neck when you are in the laying position as well as under your lower back. Give that a try once you do that, do that for about 5 maybe 10 minutes. Start out slow and build up for a minute or 2 and just see how your body feels after that.

I know some of my patients end up instead of using a pillow at night they end up using a roll under their neck. There is different densities that we call foams or rolls that you can get that will support your neck. The pillow is really not there to support the head, it is to support your neck and helping restore some of that curve. Most of the healing of your body occurs at night when you sleep and that helps in the morning. So here is to helping you with your neck and back pain. I am Dr David Warwick I hope this tip was helpful for you. Please leave any comments or give our office a call. 360-951-4504. Visit y website for more information I look forward to helping you. Thank you..

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