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Top 10 Cervical (Neck) Disc Herniation Exercises & Stretches for Pain Relief.

pop and Brad the two mostly this physical service on me today howdy folks I’m Bob Shrum physical therapist read I’m a physical therapist together we are the most famous physical therapist on internet and our opinion of course Lonnie’s having trouble with the timer all right say reg well we could talk about the top 10 cervical herniation disc exercises right and stretches maybe right right and this is kind of a progression right we’re going to give you ten different options you’re going to work with them if it doesn’t show immediate relief or after two or three repetitions you should stop you know if it seems like it’s making it worse or hurting go to the next one yeah the key to these thread is that isn’t it that you have to find the movement that’s going to take away your pain right get you know stop going down the arm right whatever if you’ve got a neck problem that goes into the shoulder a lot of times it will go into the vissa neckl refer to the shoulder blade area and then progress down into the arm so you go all the way into the hand right all the way down so depending you may have it to the hand or just to the shoulder and I have people come in with shoulder pain and find out it’s from their neck we’re not going to get into that too much ideally were to you want to start getting that pain to go out of the hand first or at our forearm first or up here for exactly and start going up into here and maybe even feel a little more intense up here then eventually go away so we’re going to refer to that as centralizing appreciate centralizing that means it’s going up to the network blogs the center all right so we’re looking at a herniated disc in the neck and so if we can look at the neck there’s just simply seven vertebrae up there right and the disc appear quite a bit smaller than the big beefy dis down the lumber so there is as much to her knee but they can get in the wrong place and start pinching the spinal nerves and when these herbs get to the peripheral nerves when they get pinched that’s when the nerve the pain the numbness or tingling refers down the shoulder and in today on your hand yep so we’ve got two unpinch those nerves basically so that’s what these stretches are designed to do exactly alright so now for the first one I’ll Brad yep this is kind the goal to just see how things respond oh by the way if you are new to our channel please take a second to subscribe to us or guess the subscription buttons over here or down below we provide videos on stay healthy fit pain free and we upload every day there you go back to it Brad so the first one chin tucks make sure you’re up with good posture in your chair you’re not going to do it like this we need to be up like this and Bob will show you from the front I’ll show you from the side and you’ll do chin tucks like this you’re not going chin down right you’re not going chin up is back in the car up here up that’s definitely it up if you want to tell your head of car you better start up okay again when you’re doing this if the pain centralizes going more up the arm or towards the back of the neck then nuts that’s a good sign that’s one exercise you could work with if it gets worse you actually may have we have to may have to do it a different way exactly go on to the next one we’ve got nine more to go the next one you need a chair that has a backrest that goes about to mid back it should not come up to here to the head because you’re going to actually do a little bit of a chin tuck and then start to go back like this and you’re actually going to lean up over the chair you know it provides you a support exactly now I found a lot of people as herniated discs I’ll have them start do this so get about to hear that yeah oh that hurts yeah and then you don’t do that that’s very typical or we tell them to work within that range right exactly just start by doing a short extension and eventually go further and further a lot of times what I’ll do is I’ll go right to our next number three yep and I’ll take a towel roll and I’ll roll it up if there the person is really tender and they don’t have much movement I’ll get a thicker towel roll and they’re more comfortable and I’ll say do this don’t pull real hard but just snug yeah next some support and then oh yeah that feels better you go back farther and with repetition by the third or fourth one all that’s going better yet and if that’s a situation you know you’re right on this is something you won’t want to do with a tie on by the way yeah a nice loose call exactly take these ties up and open up your collar do a t-shirt on works great right you know so as you get more range of motion you’ll get thinner and I’ll Bible do it often times right you pedal right away with what’s the name of the edge of the Taliban shellfish the Shelf edge of the tile Elvidge but you take the top and I like that also because you can get more specific right the problem that it tends to catch on the shore on the shoulders there so you got to lift it up off the shoulder it’s kind of nice to have a second person and I’m going to go it’s usually low in the neck that’s you who are a lot of the herniation czar see six five six and there I can feel pressure right at about c6 right there I’ll even bring it up this way yeah oh and and it goes along with them right but I’ll do it this way I’ll do it this way too if it works like Bob was saying so you can see your thumb you got that rabbit your thing I make little rabbit ears like this oh yeah oh here a notch the rabbit ears so this little rabbit is like that the other thing Brad that I often do like let’s say that the pain is going down this arm or I’ll have them just grab at the right arm then right because that is that just bother so yeah yeah good point so if you have bad shoulders and that’s not possible that you just cannot do that right and that is a therapist I’ll do it for them sure you know there’s no chill ok shoulders you know at this point that we might want to say too if it just seems like we you can’t get into extension movement it’s not helping it’s not making the pain get better sometimes we do have you been to the cyber pain you bet so as we face you here let’s say the pain is going down this arm so you first do a chin tuck again a couple chin tucks and then then you going to put your try to put your right ear down onto your shoulder and this has been one that I’ll tell you this is the one that helps me and this is the one I had a dentist who you know was always bent one way right and and he found out this is the one that took it it took it right out of the hand out of the arm right and he started feeling more up here and eventually it went away so chin tuck to the right side Bend maybe a chin tuck left side Bend whichever one starts to take the pain away right usually the right arm you’re going to go to the right yeah but not always almost most cases sure yeah the one thing I want to make very clear is do not force these you’re going to do these exercises gently you can repeat them and if things aren’t getting better with them you know four to five repetitions it’s not the right thing don’t think that if I pull harder if I do something harder force to it it’s going to pop and let go because that’s not the case oh it’s it just takes a while and you might have do this for a couple days before you see him sometime right so I didn’t next thing if I don’t get any good results in the seated position we’ll try laying down yeah especially when people are really sensitive and everything’s firing a moderate exactly and you need to do this on a firm surface a bed’s not going to work carpeted floor works good if you have a plinth at home like this that’s good bahaha who has a point that hold on you you roll up a towel at all yeah I’ll do that sometimes yep but you know if they’re comfortable laying like this and then I’ll ask them where is the symptoms enero my fingers are still tingling and I’ll have them start to do some chin tucks like this so I’m trying to touch I say touch the back your neck with this part of your head touching right there push that down as lashing behind in the way they’ve read oh yeah those are my magnetic cheaters ABAB yeah okay but sometimes we’re talking about sometimes I put a towel like that to an egg – it sucks that way – yep and that actually gives you a little more range of oh sure yeah and if you do this and almost in your hand the tinkling and numbness starts leaving your hand boy you are gold because things are on the right I often even put this arm just to get in it a little bit of position Brad I’ll put it on there he’ll like that up good so all right all right now if that’s not working we’re giving you lots of options this is another option actually as a therapist I go to a different option but that’s not an option if you’re by yourself where’s that towel roll yeah this one I do like to have a thick towel roll because it it offers more support because you’re going to go off the end of the bed and you’re going to gently go down and you’re only going to do this one if you do this it feels better if you do this and you get back and it feels stuck and it hurts and everything is getting worse just get it this one you need to feel comfortable with this like like Bob duck ball before it can be real hopeful I’ve had like let’s say again this is the painful arm sometimes I had them take their their hair do that or even take this hand and put underneath or head Brad I got without the towel yep and like lures down yeah that’s one lady I had that this is the long one that would work for her okay great she could work it that way okay then you’re into the phone position right yeah this is the watching TV position cuz I know when I was a kid this is how I used to watch TV back in the old days not anymore so you want to be a TV repairman yeah neck extension like this so if you just take your you can take your thumbs like this right under your chin and go like this again you the same movement it’s just in a different position I think Bob this one I’ve only used with people that things are getting pretty good already it sure is out of the hand and they got pretty good range of motion they can do it in a seated position and we’re still trying to get all the symptoms go away then I agree Venice is towards the end of it for the treatment sure using that the first day for sure okay it gets stuck you might try traction is that what you’re saying exactly Bob and we’re just going to show you two examples of traction one is very inexpensive and it’s called over the door obviously this is not on the door but this is what the unit look like there cost about $20 online we’re going to demonstrate this next weekend yeah we’re going to go through this and you just have a wait here you have a bladder full some water it pulls down and I’ve got it locked up in here to get it on the free mode and this I’m not going to take the time to go into now but the head actually goes in here and it’s comfortable is on your chin in your head and it pulls up and it literally gives you a next contraction and that can be very comfortable then the next step is there’s more than one model but this is one I like well he leaves the camera I’ll just do a little song dance but this is the Saunders Holman these are nice these are really nice I in the red the price is not to that if they work and they it have a lot of surgery yeah it’s worth the three or four hundred dollars to buy one of these and again we’re going to do a video on both of these units for some detail because it’s going to take me you know at least five or ten minutes between each one to show you how to use use but there are two good options and Plus that gets us to ten right here we hit 10 all right what are the ones I’m glad we’re not just pretty yeah we’re pretty ugly but although they’ll be helpful oh yeah that’s right yeah we’re helping everyone so all right so thanks for watching you

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