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Treating Skin Conditions : Hypopigmentation Skin Treatments

Hi my name is Mary Thinnes and I am a skin care expert. And the next topic I am going to discuss with you is hypo pigmentation. As I mentioned before hyper pigmentation is too much melanin, so it causes the brown spots from the sun and that?s fixable. Hypo pigmentation is a lack of melanocytes, which to explain to you-melanocytes just to remind you are in charge of color of skin. So when your skin is exposed to sun and damaged so many times over, melanocytes will wash to the surface of that area of the skin and go faster because it knows it?s being, it?s going to be damaged again in that same area. So it causes hyper pigmentation. Well over time if that same area just keeps getting exposed, exposed and damaged, melanocytes will no longer be produced in that area and it causes hypo pigmentation-the white spots. And unfortunately those white spots are not fixable it’s permanent so as much as possible you want to you know; obviously avoid that to the fullest extent.

Also you don’t want to overuse your skin lightening gels just to remind you, you want to use those properly and use them for three months and then off for three months, on for three months because over use of lightening gels as well can cause hypo pigmentation..

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