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Hey, this is Brandon with ChiroUp. I want to talk about vertigo again. I know we just got done talking about BPPV, as a source of vertigo. However, this Polish journal came out with an article last year, that I was just sifting through, and I thought it was interesting because it relates so well to what we are doing at ChiroUp. And here’s what it said, is that if you’re looking at cervicogenic vertigo, which is obviously a neck pain component associated with that dizziness, there are things that you can do to help get them out of pain.

Manual therapy, we can do that. Acupuncture, if it’s not you in your office, find someone in your area. And also, use vestibular exercises. If you can combine all 3 of these things, we can get the hypertonicity in the muscles to go down. We can get the pain to go down. We can get the vertigo symptoms to go down. And we can improve their postural stability. When we can take a look at these journals, and we can incorporate these into our practice, give our patients, and arm them with their exercises and their information on a daily basis, we are not just reading research articles, we are actually incorporating that into a clinical- based practice and getting the best possible results. Take a look at the PDF that I include at the bottom of this .

It has, not only the 78 references that we had for cervicogenic vertigo, we now include the 79th, which is this journal. Taking clinical research and turning it into practice is what we do at ChiroUp..

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