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HOME REMEDIES FOR LEUCODARMA -PART-1 II फुलवेरी का घरलू उपचार – भाग-1 II


Welcome to Health Care At Home One of our viewer Rafi Mohammad He has mailed us many a times and most of our viewer asked us to do episode on leukoderma How to get rid of Leukoderma First of all you need to know what is leukoderma Leukoderma is excessive loss of skin pigmentation due to which you get white patches on your body It increases day by day In some cases we have observed that people get white patch on whole body their hairs also becomes white Eye lashes as well as eyebrows also turns white The reason for this is excessive mental worry It can be hereditary also But main reason for this is excessive mental worry and acute gastric disorder People having severe gastric problem can also face leukoderma People who suffered from jaundice and typhoid also get this problem People who have worms in their stomach also gets leukoderma Some people who gets burnt also faces leukoderma Firstly get rid of excessive mental worry Leave worry aside keep your mind calm do pranayama meditation like anulom vilom pranyama Where you have to close right nostril and breath in from left And then breath out from right nostril then hold it then breath in from right nostril and breath out from left Try this pranayama for 10-15 mins on empty stomach to relax your mind you will get rid of tensions If you are suffering from leukoderma then this pranayama will stop spreading it Apart from this you can try bhramri pranayama Where you have to close your ears with thumb keep three fingers on your eyes and one on your forehead Deep breath in and close your mouth and chant om with the help of your nose This also works nicely for your mental stress I will once show you how to do it so follow me If you cant say om then whichever gods name you take take it in same flow Then too your mental stress will be controlled Firstly your leukoderma should stop spreading Then I will tell you the remedy to cure it To stop this spreading you should stop worrying Walk on grass in the morning without shoes This will calm down your mind look at greenery smile without any reason Keep smiling when ever you feel stressed If you keep smiling this will calm down your stress and your leukoderma will never increase Secondly acute gastric disorder do brisk walking to control this for 20 mins to control your gas Apart from this take Carom seeds, dry ginger powder,Asafoetida powder, make a powder of this Have 2 cloves of garlic 1 tsp of this powder with warm water Your acute gastric disorder will be controlled by this So your leukoderma will never increase if you are suffering from jaundice and typhoid then too take this and do pranayama After having food have 1 onion ,7 cloves of garlic,1 inch ginger and 1/2 tsp carom seeds make a paste Have this 1-2 tsp of this paste with water after food you can squeeze a lemon in it if required So you will not get acute gastric disorder and never face leukoderma As this episode is getting quite big as I have many remedies on leukoderma whichever is preferable by you follow that so we have 2 episodes of leukoderma Take 25 gms of radish seeds add 2 tsp of vinegar in it and make a paste Apply it on the affected areas Leave it till it dries After this paste dries wash it you will get rid of leukoderma within 2-3 months I will tell you 1 more solution which one time you make can use for longer time Put 1/2 kg turmeric in 8 liters of water boil it till the water comes to 1 litre Filter this water and add 1/2 litre mustard seed oil preserve this liquid in a bottle With the help of cotton apply it on affected areas twice a day You will get relaxed from this leukoderma within 2-3 months So many remedies are remaining That you will find in next episode Rest we wish to see you healthy fit happy and keep meeting us You just have to subscribe our channel to meet us Ask your friends and relatives to do the same Keep away doctors and get good health at home itself And if you like our video then share it Thank you


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