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Maharshi Vitiligo – Vitiligo Treatment Awareness Programme on World Vitiligo Day


I would like to call on stage the director and founder of our Maharshi Vitiligo Centre Respected Dr. Sanjay Dubey and Dr. Anupama mam Please come on the stage Mam, please come and we will begin the programme by lighting the lamp(deep) Lighting of the lamp and clapping… Noises in the background Dr. Sanjay: Switch off the a.c. for two minutes Clapping… Silence… Children and all the guests present here; You have taken out your precious time to be here for this social initiative We Talk Vitiligo.” For this, I am grateful to all of you “We Talk Vitiligo,” what is this? Have we received a lot of phone calls in the last few days asking this a camp? Is this a shivir? Will free check-ups be done here? Should we bring along our medical documents or not? Lots of queries Will we be treated here? All of you know, and a lot of you must have asked us these as well First, I would like to tell all of you the main goal of today’s programme This center is treating white spots for 17 years now and is dedicated to this end only During this period we have opened nine new centers out of which three have started operating recently We have treated thousands of patients in these centers, and the results are in front of you You must have seen But still, We meet so many people sometimes in flights, in markets, in malls and if we ask them why haven’t you got any treatment done for yourself, then their first question is always, “Is this treatable?” A lot of these people are educated, are in fact doctors who ask us, “Is this treatable?” or “Is treatment possible?” This question becomes the biggest challenge for us Not because we cannot treat vitiligo or white spots but because we still haven’t been able to convey this message to a lot of people that this can be treated The main goal of this programme is just this to convey this message to you and the people connected to you that yes this can be treated In our country, there is a huge stain associated with white spots or vitiligo If somebody has white spots, it becomes a huge cause of concern for the family and the society, and this is one of the major reasons that the family hides away the child or the person who has white spots They do not expose them to society They don’t want to tell people that their family member has white spots because getting them married will get difficult People will break off relations There are a lot of such problems that you must be knowing maybe better than I do And in all these years I have met many such patients whose experiences we have heard but I still want to tell all of you and the people connected with you that don’t hide this disease, treatment is possible Whether you want to get treatment or not do not be worried, tell people that there is a treatment and that I can be cured This confidence itself will give you positive energy and will help you get better It is not that this disease is limited to India only, this is present in countries outside India also white people also suffer from this and white patch can be seen on their skins and well but because they don’t create a big deal about it, there is no social problem associated with this disease overseas This programme is to send a clear message to all the common people that yes, you can be treated completely This is not a miracle, it is a reality, and there is more weight in direct results than in mere words Now during this programme, we will see the videos of our patients and live chat from them Some of you have already seen them We will also meet patients present here and we will see the results and also how this was made possible, how they were treated, I think Dr.


Sanjay Dubey will be better equipped to tell you All of our patients, the feedback from all of our patients from all our centers will be told to you, and then you can decide whether you want to be treated or not I will tell you once again, the costliest of cars cannot take you to the destination if you don’t know where to go(repeated in Hindi) So to choose the right path First of all, stop getting worried about this disease this is not a disease at all All of you must know that this is a pigmentary disorder caused by either the lack or reduced amount of melanin produced in our body which gives us our color All of you are normal people, and we want that a big deal should not be made out of this disease Support the patient who has this disease and gives them love Get the right treatment at the right time I hope that we will be able to relay our message to you very clearly and we might bring forth some hopes and dreams into the society, and for the last time, again, there is no need to fear this disease Carrying forward this programme, I call for Sudarshan so that he can start the rest of the programme Sri Surbhi Patni Ji please come here and share your experiences with us.


Welcome, Surbhi ji. Hello friends, my name is Surbhi Patni Today in front of all of you, I want to share the experience that I had with Maharshi Vitiligo Centre Two and a half years ago, there was a small white spot on my right cheek I consulted a lot of dermatologists, but I was not satisfied with their results and their diagnoses of what has happened to me They were not even able to recognize that this was a white spot Some told me this was a fungal infection; some even told me that this was due to a lack of calcium I was just confused as to why this happened to me and how this will be treated, and I did not get proper guidance from anywhere Then one of my friends consulted me…


Referred me to Maharshi Vitiligo Centre And the first time I came to Maharshi Vitiligo Centre then Dr. Dubey by just seeing that small white spot not just confirmed that this is a white spot but also told me that this is segmental vitiligo This will never reach the left side of my face With the treatment, the spot increased and almost covered the right side of my face but under the proper guidance and proper treatment of the doctor my belief became stronger that this will be treated This belief that I received from Dr. Sanjay Dubey because his belief was based on reality He had treated many such patients, and his confidence was therefore evident in his words and that confidence motivated me… At the end of January this year, I got completely cured of this disease, and now I am completely 100% sure… cured of my white spot Yaa. I just want to tell all the vitiligo patients that just believe in Dr. Sanjay Dubey because his experience and his treatment is reality-based and is not based on assumptions So all the best to all the patients and keep going with Maharshi.


Thanks a lot Clapping… The spot which almost covered my face was cured completely with the treatment Silence… Thanks a lot, sir. Thanks a lot, Maharshi Nitin Patel He is also a patient of Maharshi Vitiligo Centre I would like to call him on the stage to share his experiences himself Good morning friends My name is Nitin, and I was suffering from white spots from a long time I was around ten years old And a lot of people told me to visit a Vaidya or a Hakeem or a dermatologist And I did visit them and tried to get treatment I went to the dermatologist, but I did not get the solution Then a doctor told me to visit Maharshi Vitiligo Centre and meet Dr.


Sanjay Dubey there, If you go to him, you will get 100% cured. It is 100% guaranteed that you will get better after going there I came to sir. He inspired faith in me that I would get better as you can see I had white spots in my hand, from here to here, and it is now 100% cured There were white patches on other parts of my body as well, and they have also been 100% cured It hasn’t been long since I started getting treatment here. It has only been six months In six months time 90%, I have been completely cured, and I have faith that in two-three months I will be 100% cured Thank you so much, sir Clapping… Noises in the background… Thank you, you have patiently heard these videos and our patients, and for that, we are very grateful to you How we completed this journey and how we got these results We hope that these results have inspired some faith and made you happy but believe me, we have received much more happiness than you have by doing this work and getting these results And in the future also we will keep doing this But this journey is so wonderful; I will say the results to are wonderful How to achieve this and how to begin this journey? Who else can tell you better than Dr.


Sanjay Dubey? I think all of you are waiting to listen to him I call Dr. Sanjay to give his opinions, share his experiences and his journey which he has gone through in the last 17 years Dr. Dubey Clapping… I thank all of you immensely for coming here and giving us your valuable time I am a skin specialist, and when I began my career 17 years ago, I had a lot of career paths I could have become a dermatologist, making people fairer, doing hair transplants and there were a lot of diseases that I can treat But when I started my career suddenly, I came across a few vitiligo patients and was treating them One day, they told me, sir, I have never seen before that this disease can be cured to this extent and the happiness that I saw in their eyes was infinite Then I thought that this disease is more than what it seems in our country This disease of vitiligo is not just cosmetic, not just about appearance or the inability to get married, more than that it affects the whole family, not just the patient If it happens to the husband it affects the wife; if it happens to the children, then it affects the mother and the father A lot of the time the mothers start thinking have I done something wrong, why does my child have white spots? So when I heard all these things from the patients, then I made up my mind, of course, my wife Dr.


Anupama was always with me, and then I made up my mind that I will now cure white spots throughout life And I decided to dedicate my entire life for curing this disease Clapping… This decision I took 17 years ago Then I had different kinds of lasers I brought a laser from Germany It was Indore’s and Central India’s first laser And that laser could be used in face resurfacing, reducing wrinkles and the dark spots But I felt that I was opening a beauty parlor Can I do something for society? So God gave me the wisdom, gave me the idea that I should dedicate my life to curing white spots And today in this journey we have reached this point where now we have ten centers across India including the Indore, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, all of you know about this, this is all a result of that decision And we have miles to, go We want to go even further and all of you people who have lost hope or are troubled we want to help all of you people This is our motto This clinic opened 17 years ago Why did we decide to cure white spots? Because in our country and entire south-east Asia, I have had a lot of patients from Afghanistan, Madagascar, and other countries but the problem with each one of them is the same as that in India I have heard patients say that sir, in our village, in our country there is a lot more social stigma attached to this This is not true The entire south-east Asian region the stigma, an associated with this is the same But the biggest problem is that 6000 years ago, Rigveda addressed this problem for, the first time, and it was called the white cure or the white infection, and this is not an accurate name as this is not an infection but because the Vedas have called it an infection that is why people have developed a loathing towards this disease Bacteria cause an infection, but this disease is not caused, by bacteria Why this happens, I will tell you in some time but because of this reason this disease has been called an infection in our Vedas in one way it is now seen as a curse and our relationships are affected by it But please do not lose hope I am just telling you why there is a social stigma attached to this disease Now I want to tell you what exactly are these white spots Do you want to know what this is? Say ‘yes.’ Audience says yes White spots, we often think these may have resulted from something we have eaten, but I will talk more about this later, but this is not true This disease, all of you must be knowing what DNA is and DNA governs out pigment cells which are called melanocytes Like pigment cells are called pigment cells in Hindi they are also called melanocytes An enzyme is present in these cells called tyrosine That enzyme creates melanin Tyrosine creates melanin from protein in these cells And those cells are present in our skin, under the skin So that enzyme stops working The strength and the message the DNA was giving it has stopped, and so this has happened So the issue is deep, the issue is in the DNA, but we think that this is something superficial governed by what we have eaten No.


And this is why till today maximum number of people, so many people who are suffering from white spots think that this cannot be cured I am not just talking about patients; I am also talking about doctors There are many theories coined relating to Vitiligo in medical science like viral theory, the theory that suggests this happens because of spontaneous cell death and the most popular is the auto-immune theory which some of you must have read about So this auto-immune theory is the most popular these days, but according to me out of all the seven theories, the most truthful is the DNA theory which says that the DNA had become weak when we were being created from cells There is a definition of this: autosomal dominant variable penetrates acquired disorder Thus this is an acquired disorder meaning more often than not if we question a hundred patients that does someone in your family has white spots then at least 70 people, 70 out of 100 will say that no this has happened for the first time.


But at least 30 people will say that yes, someone in our family also had this disease Now I want to tell all of you what Maharshi Vitiligo is doing for white spots even though you have seen the results, but you still don’t know how we get these results Now I will tell you a little more about this Now I want to tell you that right now there are some latest technologies in the world, will show you some slides, phototherapies, full body cabinets This latest technology is USFDA approved I mean the world’s safest therapies, there is nothing safer than this USFDA approved, and all of our machines are imported from the USA and we have been doing this for 17 years We have latest therapy technologies like we have full body phototherapy is a kind of chamber where you have to come either twice a week or once a week, two times you have to take this treatment and now you will see, we will show you how a full body photo chamber looks like This photo chamber as you can see has a light inside it This light is not just for show, Phillips in Holland makes this light These have 311 Mw wavelength rays which come out of it These are made in Holland and is exported from Holland to the U.S., and we import it from the U.S.


To provide treatment for all of you This is not new, we have been doing this for 17 years, but the biggest thing is which is the most important that this is very very safe Now we are telling you about technologies about these full body chambers apart from these we use other therapies like targeted phototherapy All patches are treated with this, but some patches are very tough, very tough and cannot be treated easily so for those particular spots, they are to be targeted, and thus we use targeted phototherapy Now this therapy is such, now some patients have a white spot on their heads, but they cannot remove their hair from that place, especially young girls, so through fiber optic, we scan through the hair and treat it through the hair in 5 to 10 to 15 sessions The patch can be cured but only if it is stopped and how can it be stopped, through full body therapy In how much time? In two-three months time So these are the technologies we use There are technologies beyond this as well like along with targeted phototherapy, we use hand feet As you ,must have noticed mostly white patches occur in hands, feet, and fingers and these are the roughest patches It is very difficult to, treat them There are some varieties like lip-tip varieties that begin from, the lips or the tips like fingers, toes and when the disease starts from these points and where there is no hair, then it is very difficult to treat it Doctors also face difficulty in treating that and the patient loses hope so much, so that they believe that this disease cannot be cured So these are handmade units How do we use it? I have told you that we use the latest technologies Many people make a query asking is this an Ayurvedic treatment because the name is Maharishi So Maharishi seems to be associated with yogis But let me tell you the real thing my Grandfather called my father Maharishi by love so I named this treatment Maharshi and it has no relation to yogi I have put three generations together I have put this in the starting only I have told you what we’re doing for white patches but what other researchers are we doing? Before research, I would like to tell you that in our atmosphere and our center one thing which we have discovered is the bonding of the patient and how they make each other understand like Surabhi and Eliesh Many people don’t want to come in front once they get cured But they have come in front of you and told you that this disease could be cured So there can’t be any other live example than them You only tell? This is the best of it We are giving good treatment, we have adapted good process has no meaning More important is psychological support Do you know the strongest thing in the human body? it’s his mind If we make our mind positive, it will become our friend if we make it negative it will be dangerous So the center of Maharshi vitiligo has always pointed that you should remain positive And for that we tell patients and patients tell each other In our center, patients can talk to each other There are many centers where the patients in which it’s written silence, please But in our centre, we genuinely have never put silence please because we want that the patients whom we’re treating should be visible in front of everybody and everybody sees the truth Because of this it has really happened.


It’s 17 years old story and now we bring patients from different places You might have come first time here because you came to know about us through world vitiligo day but most of the patients come by telling each other ie word of mouth publicity It’s 17 years old story we’re working on one disease only and we haven’t left any stone unturned Though we have not become master because only God is the one who holds that position but our entire team is working hard to cure this disease at a fast rate New advancement we have brought like non culture melonacyte transfer We have treated around 200 patients and so many patients that when we do surgery every area from lips to naval to fingers every area got cured in 3 months This has brought completeness Whole area can be cured, recovered and the remaining part non cultured melanocyte transfer Hayat Nagar variant which I’m doing has path breaking results We’re also doing other researchs like stem cell research which will come in future and we’re doing many other researches which our centre is doing for white patches and our dedication, duty and our passion is this and we’re taking this ahead Why I recommend photo-therapy? Many doctors say eat this eat that, drink water in copper vessel, take homeopathic along with the treatment But we don’t want to make any confusion What is this disease we have complete belief and complete knowledge Otherwise the results you’re seeing from the morning wouldn’t have been We never got confused If you’ll ask about my prescription to my patient that how many medicines sir has prescribed? You won’t believe I write only one medicine Surabhi I’m saying the truth? Surabhi: Exactly Clapping…


Because we know what the disease is and how will it get treated So why have I chosen phototherapy only? Why I haven’t used other treatments? Why we haven’t used steroids which is used everywhere? When we were doing dermatology MD we completely understood what the pigment in our body is made of? From food? No If it was because of food we would have eaten what fair people are eating and we would have become exactly like them Can this happen? No. But the relationship is not with food It’s with sunlight If we see our Earth whatever races have come we or countries close to equator or sun are dark and as we go up as to Europe or Canada and more up to New Zealand they definitely become fair So since sun makes the pigments Holland and Philips started it four decades ago and this is the reason we’re here and we’re giving happiness to so many people Let’s come to surgery.


What our centre thinks about surgery? Let me tell you that you would be having the fear that most of the surgeons do this that come we’ll do your surgery But we want to give you maximum results in minimum treatment We also don’t want to give you financial burden We’ll think that if we’re in your position what we’ll want We have understood that full body photo therapy that we give because of this the disease stops spreading, it stops after 2 to three month The patch which doesn’t stop we do surgery on that The surgery is only done when the disease doesn’t stop We’ll try to heal it naturally whatsoever way it heals But if any body is having hurry or is getting married, there are many situations You would be understanding there are many functions in the homes Then probably we do surgery and performing surgery is not the only thing After surgery also you need to take the treatment It is not treatable by surgery It is sandwich method Because first good treatment Then after it is cured completely So, What i explain in brief because It is 17 years old struggle So, i cannot tell more information in brief for now But, i told you everything in short that how our maharshi team working for you Or how we are doing…


How to get treatment? I will explain you in a short time But, I will come to your very common question that you all are asked You all are asking same question all the time There are too many peoples who meet me individually I know which question’s you asking too many times Because i have more than 50000 patients experince So Almost, I know almost all the question which you all are asked Most questions answers we have First Question… Sir, If we are treating then, is there any change to increase? It doesn’t matter where is it But it is not coming to the face Is in it… We are thinking like that? Exactly Puja is happening in the three places and on this day 25 June of world vitiligo day We are trying to give the public facility and trying to help people We cannot tell how happy we are, me, my wife, and children We get many good wishes My life will finish before I give you my full thanks You understood by now that it is not communicable I will now give another example if you think that it happens by touching, then before everyone first I will get the white patch Because I don’t think anyone in the world has touched so many vitiligo people like me So you should understand that this disease is not communicable Next, this is very important and asked many times It is not asked what it is, why is it or a self-doubt question It is asked because doctors told you this and it is not wrong Every doctor puts their heart to work, to every medical person we are taught in the veterinary that our life is for our patients So no one gives wrong treatment, but it is not possible that we get the results So, what we found the most effective is food It does not happen with food Some say people say it is due to milk and milk products and my doctor asked me not take it along with rice You must have faced it, are everyone understanding what I am saying? So by eating white, I became white Oh wow, this is very nice, I will eat black and become black is it possible? No, absolutely no This thing is very different, and you are getting scared of food I told this already if it is by food, then should I eat caucasian, European and I will become very fair? I wish to be like that, but it will not happen So definitely it is wrong Why did you even think of food? I am going to answer this question So everyone should listen to me carefully and think why will the food come to your mind The reason is like long ago in 1500 B.C a solution was given in Atharvedh, through Ayurveda I’m telling you about a matter which happened 3000-4000 years ago This disease can be treated recently 5-6 years back through modern means, but by Ayurveda, it can be treated by Bavachi as it was written in Atharvedh You must have used it, many people even call it rather We even Somalia kornaphobia, this plant grows in sun, you must know a concept called varpitkuff in Ayurveda They give treatment at any place So they can’t tell if it is alkaline or acid so they tell don’t eat it while treatment as the treatment will not affect no matter what the disease it is it can be asthma, pathia, or anything They will tell the same thing, don’t eat it with your food So this thing is in 1500 BC, and it was not getting normal Because taking in sunlight was the solution, and in the rainy season you won’t get much of it You ask us to stand in sunlight early in the morning So we stand for 10 minutes today and tomorrow The wavelength and radiation in those days due to earth zone, we get different wavelengths of sunlight The patient must be thinking let us stand ten more minutes it will be very nice But no, this is not like a blacksmith, that the more we stand, the more result we will get So you should remember, that some people say if you’re taking Ayurveda, then you should not take this fruit if the disease is not getting cured If people don’t understand the cure, and it gets worse and worse, don’t eat this with that if not the disease will increase When a patient comes and says, sir, I am not getting well The doctor would be saying you must have eaten something to become like this Now, you must have gone to some marriage or some party Will you know how they make the curries? Will you ask them as to did you add tomato or did you some other vegetable in front of everyone? No, you cannot.


Am I saying it right? We cannot do it, but we know that we are eating and it damages our mind Mentally we will be blaming ourselves, they asked me not to eat, but I ate it anyway So, your mind which is the strongest machine a dent will be formed You will think no I am doing wrong and when you get the feeling of guilt, then disease will increase I will tell you the reason why this disease increase as I already told you why you would get it I will further tell you why it will increase There is another common myth which says that if you took fish with milk, you would get it,Is it there like that right? Or eating paapad with Curd.


Everything is related to food In south India, most of the people eat fish with coconut milk It is their main food, but they don’t get white patches and why is it? It is because it is not true that if you eat fish along with milk or having paapad with curd, you will get the disease The foods relation with the disease, I will explain to you, and it is nothing like how we are thinking I will tell you one more thing. Some people think by wearing white clothes you will get white patches You might laugh listening to this, but many people believe it, and many patients have asked me this They think so much that how much ever I try to cure them.


They don’t want to leave any stone unturned and ask me if it will be cured by this or by doing this This is a weird question. I mean, how can wearing white clothes cause white patches? No this is very wrong Some patients even ask me if I can treat it along with the treatment already going Like ayurvedic, homeopathic, or eating something in your home with tulsi like that Our motto towards our patient and to our profession is to make sure our patient is free in their mind Don’t feel difficult. Always try to relax. Now you can do yoga for relaxing, or jogging? Then it is fine. More important than this is that you should not treat yourself as a patient You should think that you are not a patient and there is nothing wrong with you. Leave it, now can you see this white patch? Will, I get itching because of it or get a fever? No, then what is the problem? So, whose problem is it? To the society.


So who’s problem is it? Who’s disease is it? The society (claps) There is no need to do some Ayurveda or homeopathy. Because I already told you in the starting that I don’t know 100% what is this disease and I did not treat thousands of patients simply We got the result, but it was not effortless. We inculcated our knowledge, solid, base, wisdom and God into the treatment and reached our goal o, you must also know that taking homeopathy and Ayurveda along with it will make the disease go away faster. But, no you should not take any other treatment along with this Don’t do any other treatment along with this as it will become very difficult to treat at that time Because, normally this treatment is easy, as it won’t take much time to become difficult if we do something extra It is a biological thing related to receptors. If we are stimulating one receptor and another receptor is blocking it, then we cannot get the result how we want Let me tell you one more thing about this, as you take the treatment.


I will say during the therapy that you should not be in sunlight Now, you must be in sunlight a lot, but I will ask you not to Why because, with sunlight, the skin will become fat and when we give you rays in the treatment, it will not reach the cell where the pigment is located This clip I am showing is a stopped disease. It is a stopped white patch. These slides are of stable white patches When you see a clear border, there will be a light white, and you might think it is less oily.


But, it is not so, it is the tip of the iceberg. So, this is a stopped patch, and I was not able to cure it completely Look at the lips, this is one of the toughest areas as there is no hair. Look how much the child has changed No white patch after eight years So this disease is after it was stopped. Many people have come today, and I want to thank everyone and also whoever the new people are I am very happy that I am giving you an awareness program for which you all have attended. This happiness will be doubled if you understand this I won’t tell you that I will start treatment but after today don’t be afraid The most important question is why the disease increases. This is true that there are reasons for it to increase I already told you the first reason, which is stress.


Stress level is something you know, and that is what I am trying to decrease I have been saying this a lot, take less tension. So how will you decrease tension? It is not like I told you, so it will decrease No, you will tell your wife, don’t take tension. But will it decrease? No, just by saying will not decrease the tension.


You should work for it What we are doing is that in other treatments, we should eat this in the morning, afternoon and evening Or they even say don’t eat hot in food, don’t eat this or that The impact of this is when you wake up in the morning; will you remember that you have a white patch? I am sure that you won’t remember. After waking up from sleep, you will remember nothing. But, as your food differs from your family Then you will have a feeling that something is wrong with you and hope that it will not keep increasing. This stress and tension will increase the disease If disease increases, you will have more tension if tension increases disease increases This is like a vicious cycle.


This vicious cycle will be set, and even the doctor will be caught in it But, when I got it a few years back, then I decided that I and the patient who became a gynecologist and even attended today’s session I started this with her, and it has been many years since. When I saw that the disease was increasing, even then we thought that we could decrease it without any work on it Even if the patient pressures you to do something, saying I asked from Bangalore, can you do something here? No, I am a firm believer, and the lady is very happy. I will let you meet with her later Like this, I want to tell you that you should not take stress. That is why we don’t differentiate in your food and put restrictions You tell me if you should not eat hot in your food, and when your daughter marries and goes into another home as a daughter-in-law. Will, she make her food differently and eat? If she won’t eat, it is a new house in the first place, new people, new stress, and to top that food will be another stress if you restrict it Now, by doing this did you do right by her? Will the disease not increase? It will increase more and more difficult to cure.


That is why even in our Maharshi book we wrote not to make any changes in food. There is no relation to food That is why whenever a patient asks me what not to eat. I will say don’t eat tension but eat everything Another reason for the disease is hormones. Hormonal changes increase the disease In female patients especially, when girls are 13 years during menstruation when they get their period This disease will start fluctuating. This is why 90% of cases will come in ages between 7-17 This disease has a lot of relation to hormones to increase. In ages along 30, if a female has a pregnancy, during the period, nothing will happen But, after the delivery, the disease must have increased, and many people must have experienced it In delivery what happens? Hormones fluctuate because there is a child in the womb and the baby needs nutrition and strength God made nature such that in the physiology hormones increase If they increase it is not a problem but as they decrease, the body will become weakened, and disease will increase.


Many people must have experienced it after delivery The next reason is menopause which females get during ages between 45-48, then they feel that the disease came again or that they got it for the first time Then we also try to correct the disease at that age, but as we treat them. The hormones fight the treatment to increase it, and in return, it will be difficult for us to cure them We have some ways of counter-attacking the disease like turbo, and we usually solve it in 1-2 days But, we try to tell the patients that these are the two main reasons. Hormones and stress, the reasons why the disease increases. Including this, I will tell you some other smaller reasons what a white patch patient should not do In our observation chlorine water which is used to clean in the swimming pool, you should not use them Many of my patients, when I saw them after they swam in the swimming pool, the disease started increasing all of a sudden I did not understand why, but when we made a group and started studying it.


We understood that most of the people on the list were swimming When we stopped the swimming, the disease started decreasing and showed promising results So you should make sure that you should not go swimming in a pool filled with chlorine. If you want to swim, you can live in fresh waters or seas Another reason is if you take lots of painkillers. Then also disease increases. If you don’t know the reason why disease increased, then you will get scared You should understand one thing, knowledge, wisdom. Knowledge is one big strength and a source of light Now let us look at the other side. If, you are in a completely dark room, and you are closed in it. Light is off, and you are getting scared But, if we switch on the light, you can see that there is a bed, mattress, something to eat and drink and you feel everything is alright because there is light What I mean to say is, light is like knowledge, and light is our understanding, which is why today if we don’t get scared these days, it is due to knowledge When we know why the disease is increasing, we won’t get scared Let us think that from many days, we are getting back ache and we are eating different medicines like ibuprofen, etc, and disease became different and started increasing Then do you know why the disease increased? We don’t ask you to stop using them.


You can if you have a cough or whatever But, you should believe that you know why it increases and that you have the solution for it If you get to know that it has an answer and solution, then there is no need to get afraid I will like to speak about steroid in the end. The steroid is making a huge part in the treatment whether it be to decrease the disease soon or so So, the steroid which rest of the people take, we want to give only one message Please stop taking them slowly by decreasing the dosage day by day or so. Steroids will make the disease more different and difficult to cure It will take a lot of time to cure; I am not saying that it will not be cured, just that it will take a lot of time. There is another thing I want to show everyone.


Meloni site transplant on a patient which was done technologically There was a child from Nagpur. They took the treatment for a year, and it started decreasing slowly After some time, the result stopped showing. Then we started implementing the transplant, and I am telling you the issue of many years ago Many patients benefitted from the treatment. When everyone started thinking that they cannot cure it anymore, we used this method to cure them, and many patients benefitted accordingly So, whoever is having steroids stop using them and make sure that you stop using them slowly and not abruptly. This patient got treated until where I am pointing, and after that, the treatment stopped responding, so we did surgery You people, if you see the pictures of the surgery don’t get afraid, please. We have to take a cell with the help of my staff Bindu, and doctor Anupama helped This whole layer we removed and added the cell we removed which was taken from the skin. We will monitor them from 10-15 days and send them home after removing the cotton on it Most of the times, the patient will be at home only; there would no need to be in the hospital for so many days.


The result will be shown after 14 days You can see that the white patch of the child is almost gone. But, there is a problem there are small white patches and the hair is also white In a month you can see this, after two months the hair also becomes black Now, you must have even forgotten that she had a white patch on her face at all. You were just looking at the hair on the eyebrows Looking at this beauty now, no one can tell that she had white patches on her face at all We want to give you all this hope only It is the world’s finest result which we are trying to give it to you and this we are showing it you instead of speaking in just words So, my dear friends, I will not take much time as you can ask your questions and I will answer them This hall is also booked until 12 after that these people will make us run out So, what I want to tell is Anjali come onto the stage for 2 minutes after that I will give a message Both of us have been working on this disease since the start.


Please share your experiences with it Namasthe to everyone present here. Today I am standing with Dr. Sanjay Dubey He is such a person that before many years every doctor has told our parents that the disease is incurable But only he has told that I will make sure the disease goes away from your daughter. Even today, no one is giving guarantee for it. But only he has told that he will remove the disease My whole body had white patches. Now, only my hands and feet have them. I am telling the truth he made my life. My life has become very beautiful just because of him. I feel very happy that god thought such good things for me I had white patches, and I am from Punjab. With my parent’s struggle, we came to Indore. We used to live in a very small house and used to carry water from various places as we did not have a source of water. I never saw any hardships in life, but I came here and understood the importance of water. Then my treatment was going on; I did not know how my parents used to manage. To the treatment, sometimes my mother used to take and sometimes my father for the treatment I left my old school and lost contact with friends and here it was a new school and friends.


But, life gave me so much. I met sir and ma’am. I was their 40th patient. Only 40 at that time, which was less than 50 But today he must have cured some 50,000 patients. But, there is a lot of difference from society at that time and now At that time he gave my parents confidence that I will be alright and he cured me which is a big thing. For a girl, her appearance matters a lot. My whole face had white patches.


I did not like my face and did not like to look in the mirror. But, now I look at myself and proud of everything I have achieved. So I want to tell you that if you have white patches, you should not be afraid. Just accept it as it can be treated. We all have lots of diseases, BP, sugar, all those won’t be seen, but a white patch is seen. You should think so what? There is something good in you, and God made you different; there is nothing wrong with it. Maybe it is for your good. I had a white patch, I did PMT, became a doctor, did MBBS, now doing post-graduation, everything is due to God’s grace.


In our whole generation, there was no doctor. I earned a name for my parents. You should also dream of something big such that you can achieve it. The white patch is a very small thing in your life There are very big things happening in other people’s lives, and I want to tell you, sir, if you were not there. Then today I wouldn’t have been here In my life I am very happy, my parents supported me a lot and in between even my doctor supported me a lot I used to be very tensed in life and think what will happen in my life I used to ask sir it is not getting cured, sir what will I do and he used to say just take treatment and do this and don’t do anything else I used to twice in a week and even used to stop the treatment in the middle as I had to study or something else happened.


Even then, I make time for it and go I am pursuing my 3rd year in gynecology and am a gynecologist and work in MI hospital, even when I take time for the treatment and attend it Because we have to do this to ourselves. If we don’t think of ourselves, then about whom will we think about? What I want to tell every patient is that accept who you are along with the white patch In your life, the white patch is not everything; think beyond it everything is good I want to tell to continue Anjali’s speech, you people don’t accept the white patch Fight with it and then end it. Start hating it with your core and because of this we have reached here Anjali If we did not hate it like that, we wouldn’t have reached where we are today.


Am I wrong? I want to tell that don’t be afraid of white patches and tell everyone who has it that white patch can be treated We can get cured; it is not like we won’t be able to be treated There are so many things today that a doctor will cure it very quickly and I want to ask everyone to treat it I want to give a bouquet to Anjali as this is our responsibility and our patient is only our God, and they only taught us everything Thank you, Anjali for sparing us your important time. Thanks a lot, Anjali and I know PG is not at all easy I even want to thank her parents, Mr.


And Mrs. Malhotra, how much we spoke and made you understand things and here we are Today we are happy and thank you for your support. To treat a patient even family support is important If in your house there is support and doctor is supporting from outside then we are a team If we are a team, and all the people in the hall are a group and fighting the white patch then how can we not cure it? When all of us fight it together. When you are in your house and your wife is saying it is getting treated, then it is working as you feel that you are doing something good. Here doctor is supporting you; there your family is supporting.


Here patients are supporting, and this is the only reason we were able to treat 50,000 patients, and we have reached here So my takeaway message is my friends, whatever happens, it is very simple, and I am not trying to joke I am not telling some new thing, and I have already told this many times so remember it at all times Do not worry or be afraid of white patches. It will be cured very easily and thank you so much for your patience in listening I am very happy that all of you have attended, these people in the front row have come at 9 and a few people who are new and others who have come yesterday also I am now open to answer questions. Before that, I am going to give a bouquet to my patients Surbhi and Nitin who took the courage to attend the treatment and got cured completely Zero white patches are left on her skin.


Thank you surbhi for coming and sharing your views on it Now Nitin is a bit special and was sent by my gynecologist friend. In the starting, he did not bother with it, but later he thought of coming to get the treatment He previously took treatment from several doctors in Indore, and it used to decrease and increase Finally, we caught the side effect which was the steroid and cured him about 60-80%. Thanks a lot for coming. We are nothing without you We have learned from you and our life ahead is also dedicated to the patients who have white patches This is the end of the week of vitiligo, and this is world vitiligo day.


I now open the podium if anyone has any questions. If there are any questions, please proceed There is my grandson who has vitiligo from 2 years. Like you said he had it due to swimming, from swimming pool We took many treatments, almost everything Ayurveda, homeopathy and it keeps on increasing But the problem is that we are settled in Dehradun, and it will be a problem if we have to come here regularly for the appointment I saw in Delhi that you have a center, so Delhi is near to Dehradun if you tell me some sessions then we will think of coming to and fro The treatment is varied sometimes as the person needs to travel a lot.


The session is for 5 minutes and 3 minutes depending on the dose If they are very far away, we will just call them once a week and get them two doses of treatment at the same time Few people come from far like Dubai, Afghanistan, so by looking at the individual, I will decide But, if my patient is not able to take treatment regularly in our center, then we will tell them that I won’t treat them Because your dreams won’t come true if we are not able to show the result.


If you want to take treatment, then you should be regular if not stop taking the treatment This is my son, and he has white patches from 6 years of age which was progressing slowly by then The doctors to which I showed did some treatment with needles. After doing it, it began spreading rapidly. We then took him to Gujarat for treatment. I already told you the general treatment, and it is difficult to diagnose everyone in the hall.


Take regular treatment and reach on time for it. So how much time or days will it take to cure it I told you about this also. We cannot give you a definite time. So do not ask how much time Even I don’t know how much time will I able to treat it. It will reduce surely, but we cannot estimate the period It is because every person is different their disease is different, and their nature is also different. Their past treatment is different After taking a few treatments, we will show you pictures as to how much the disease has decreased To everyone present in the hall if you want to ask the time in which it will decrease, please understand that the disease and nature are different so time cannot be said But it will be cured for sure.


If you want you can show his kundli but I will reduce it. I cannot tell you the time, but it will decrease for sure See, why will I lie. It is not a calculation; it is biology. It is not like in 10 days this much decreased, in 20 days this much will decrease In 2 months it will decrease, but we cannot guarantee you by how much. See your nature is different. Ok, what is your name? Ok. Sudhil Varma, see another person cannot be like you Just like that, every person is different their nature is different. So the result will also be different. So to get the treatment should we book an appointment especially or can we visit the office directly? This is important. Here I am just giving a speech, and this venue is chosen for today’s function My clinic address you must have read on the ad which is in the center.


Treatment will be going on there only, and you have to show up also there In geetavan, my clinic is there with the name of Maharshi vitiligo center. You will get the address and the details in the booklet so don’t worry about it. Will you be available over there or somewhere else? I will be present there only. This is my daughter. There is no tension at the house or any other place. I want her to be alright and be without a white patch. You have to remove it. If God wills everything will be alright and I am just a helper. She will be cured for sure If there are no other questions, I want to speak about my staff. I will take 1-2 more questions and speak about the staff who helped us I want to thank everyone in our centers which are present in Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Pune, Vadodara, Delhi, every supervisor, and friends. So get the slide ready and now ask your question. I am working in a construction office. My peon, he has had vitiligo from some time, and my senior who is an officer and his wife is a doctor.


He was saying that being with him, the disease will be contagious and we will also get it. Then I told I am getting a laugh just by listening to it Your wife is a doctor, and you think you will also get this disease. If you are thinking like this, it is not good. He is essentially from a poor household and does his duty I told a doctor is coming and maybe he can cure you. People are running far away but if this vitiligo decreases then I might feel that I did something as a change Sir, what I don’t understand is when people get a disease why do they run away.


Take yourself. You have come forward and on a mission to reduce this disease I appreciate your efforts. I want him to be treated by people like you. I wish all your efforts to treat white patch people to come true and thank you, all the best. I want to thank everyone else. I want to play a slide before this. Please wait 2 minutes There are people in society who don’t want to touch them; there are people who want to save them.


I always believe that rather than harming, the one who saves people is great. I already answered this, but I am saying again. Just because it stopped being seen you should not stop the treatment The pigment will be unstable from the top and raw from the inside. So when we give treatment for six months after the white patch disappears Then, the chances for the patch to appear again will be very less. I am not a God, but I can tell you that it will decrease significantly. Sir I am getting the white patch from 3 years. Now can I get treated? I took treatment, and there was no result, but instead, it started increasing However old or whatever age. Let it be in a 90-year-old patient, 25 years or a six years girl.


It can be treated, and we did a lot and lots of effort. This can be cured but the strongest thing, your mind. Don’t make it negative Make it positive, and we will show u result. We will show u positive result, and there is no doubt in it. Thank you Whatever questions you asked or wanted to ask. No problem, we will learn from it and try to improve ourselves Now, there is a slide for our staff which I want to switch on and invite Dr. Anupama Dubey on the stage to give the vote of thanks. My dear staff and whoever attended today, we did it only with the hard work of the staff. Thank you To all the staff who are present here and in all the other centers who are watching it remotely, we thank you from the heart We thank everyone who took their valuable time to see this. To take treatment or not is your wish We just wish to create an awareness program to cure this disorder. Accept and fight it and make it go away But, be positive thoroughly It depends on how confident you are in this world and how positive your frame of mind is, the more results you will get If this program can change even one person, then we can assume that our program is a success There are refreshments.


Take tea or something else and go. Thank you for your patient listening. In the future take such initiative, and we will help you..


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