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Watch This Before You Think of Cracking Your Neck or Back – Dr Alan Mandell

Welcome this video is more of an alert for not only you but for the entire world. I see many videos here on YouTube as well as over the Internet about teaching people that cracking their neck or crack in their back or showing them different ways they can do things on their own is productive and it might feel good in the interim. But it’s not productive, I’ve had numerous I mean numerous many people over the last several months that have contacted me through emails and some by the phone about problems that they or that occurred as a result of them doing this to themselves. Watch This Before You Think of Cracking Your Neck or Back – Dr Alan Mandell

Whats the importance of the system like neck and spinal cord in our body?

And I want you to understand something, that’s very important I’m not here to tell you nor recommend anything to you, but I’m sharing something for my heart. If you are an electrician then you know about electricity if you are a plumber then you can do things with plumbing if you are whatever profession you are then you are qualified to do what you’re trained to do. But if you’re not one that’s qualified to understand the anatomy the physiology the biochemistry the damage neurologically what you could be doing into the spine I would not be or I wouldn’t be that type of person to do it. Because I’m not one that knows the most about it, I’m just saying if I was in your position understand that this spine we’re talking about is your central nervous system this controls or regulates your heart your lungs your liver.

What we have to face if we are Cracking our Neck or Back?

It just does, it cause the symptoms that you’re feeling like the pain, discomfort, inflammation or muscle spasm. It affects the kidneys, the adrenal glands. The brain communicates throughout the top of the spine, and it sends messages throughout the whole spine that everything in your system all the cells organs tissues glands is all being generated by their brain through these spinal nerves. The’s yellow nerves, and these nurse controllers regulate your entire being it affects hundreds of different functions in your body. So if you are interfering with a particular feature, because you’re now interfering with a nerve you may be causing illness or sickness, and your body may not be realising it. Because you might feel better that same nerve that’s going to your heart if it’s your mid-back your heart maybe not you may not be giving you symptoms right away. If it’s going on your stomach may not be giving you signs. If it’s affecting something else or an organ or even your immune system, it may not be showing you anything right away. But if you are inhibiting energy and lessening the amount of life that the brain is trying to send into the system kind of like you stepping on a garden hose trying to water the garden.

If the water is not coming out, the plants don’t die right away they start to turn brown they begin to wither away slowly but if your body is sick or you start developing sickness because you’re doing something you should be doing. I’m telling you to stop I particularly the message here is you need to use good common sense don’t listen to people that are trying to possibly get more subscribers trying to get more hits trying to catch your attention. You know where I’m coming from you’re very bright you’re as intelligent as everyone else and people may be subliminally teaching you and telling you or a brainwash and you were advertising to you to make something enticing to you that you want to buy it. Even though you may not be paying money but you’re buying their idea that could be causing harm inside your body I hope you get the message may God bless you make it a great day I’m dr.

Alan Mandela.

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