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What Helps Vitiligo Go Away?

We will talk about health. I know she’s been for months. consumes the products of the company BEpic, and because the disease she has it is considered incurable, it is vitiligo, and the doctors themselves say that this disease is incurable, we now try it on the issue has did she have any results on application. Katya tell us, please, how long ago you consume the product, you have long been tormented by this disease, whether you treated it before? Well, in General, about everything in detail! Katia: well, Hope, thank you, elev8 product really made a big impression on me. I drink it for two months. They’re mine vitiligo spots have decreased almost in twice. I have a photo, a video report. It’s on hands, elbows, knees and feet.

There are even stains on his face. Hope: On the face turns the makeup? Katya: Tonal basis, Yes. It’s all tonal Foundation that corrects. Yes, of course I treated vitiligo. Treated different means, ointments. Saw duckweed, with swamp gathered, saw chaga, with trees, too, collected, crushed, brewed in a thermos, saw as tea for six months. Spots have become slightly decrease, but then the result is not was quite. For several years I suffered with this disease. As doctors say, Yes, vitiligo is really not curable. And the doctors say it doesn’t bother you! How could vitiligo not bother me when I arrived to live in Krasnodar Krai, and occasionally am on seas and from strong sun I have spots, as they say, “burn”. That is it stings and hurts, so I can’t stay long. being in the sun, I smear protective creams and sit under an umbrella. I mean, I hide from the sun all the time. Even salt water apparently adds some effect, discomfort. Hope: Again aesthetics, it is not very beautiful.

Katya: it’s not beautiful, Yes, but nevertheless I can cover it up with clothes some parts of the body. Here (on the face) tonal basis. And no one seems to notice anything. Hope: How long have you had vitiligo? Katia: 9 years already, more than 9 years. With 11 grade I have this disease has begun. But right bare arms, say, I was very nervous. Indeed, there exams, experiences various, moving. I’m just she moved to another city, a big city, from the village. It turns out, had one child, a daughter, Anastasia, have I had, began to appear spots vitiligo large sizes. And every summer they increased by certain number. Hope: And that indeed, when I started taking the product, vitiligo became less noticeable or somehow shrinking? Katya: first of all, They have become less visible, that is, the spots get closer to the natural color of the skin. Second, it appeared freckles, that is white spots that are on the elbows, etc., too, appear freckles. They become each time more and more. And my spots diminish.

I’m always watching figure. Drawings change, it is very great result. I didn’t believe it before. I was invited to the product in may, I said “no”, I did not believe. Then in July, again “no”, well, finally in August I decided, let’s try . It was my response, I decided to try it. Guys, all recommend, if there is any disease and not only. My name is Borgan, I am a doctor by profession. Today I drink elev8 a month and about 20 days. Initial the result is from vitiligo I’m running out of vitiligo. Here, you can look at vitiligo for 1 month and 20 days. Results: 1-2 mm every sores, spots in short here is these, go. Look here. I have in the center had black spots over the a month and a half, it turns out.

If I keep drinking, I’ll I hope that all the spots of vitiligo will be. Especially I have results on my stomach. Very good result, and on the hands of slowly moves away. Hello from Sunny Kalmykia. I am 61 years old. I have vitiligo for almost 20 years. Began to accept, met products elev8, was take it. I accept production since June 2018. The results are stunning. Vitiligo gone, gone. All recommend to drink elev8 and acceler8, products all helps. My name is Arcanely Dzhoroev, I 54 years old. Aigul: 54 years, I know you use elev8 products. Arcanely: Absolutely! Aigul: Do you have a very good result on vitiligo? Arcanely: Yes, Yes! Aigul: I want to ask you, for how long did you get this result? Arcenal: So, I took 3.5 months. And the result I got from 5 months Arcanely: 6 months here I am! Aigul: On the sixth month, Yes! So you still have it, right? Arsenale: the hands a bit. Aigul: Show! And here you have a little bit already is, that is on the hands a little bit more, Yes? And you have, you any drugs have you taken medication? Arcanely: No, elev8.

Aigul: not at All accepted? Arcanely: Yes! Aigul: You started with the whole capsule, right? Arcenal: So, when I first took took 2 capsules. Aigul: 2 capsules A day? Arcanely: Yes, Yes! One morning, one evening. Aigul: didn’t You know that you can only take 1 capsule in the morning? Arcanely: Yes, I didn’t know. Aigul: Well, you can not to accept, because have all organisms are different. Therefore, it is better with one capsules as recommended by the company to take. It will be very important. You how long have you been ill with vitiligo? Arcanely in April of this year, from April 2017. Aigul: Ah, now I understand why you have a quick result. For three months, it’s because you had a disease earlier. Just me to what I say, we have many people who ill vitiligo, also want to get the result quickly, in three months, just like that. But if people get sick years, Yes, there suppose 5 years, ten years, the for 3 month this as something it is unrealistic.

Arcenal: I think, you know, you need patience, patience you must have, Vitiligo does not pass quickly. Aigul: So you need patience? Arcanely: Terminie and faith, everything! Aigul: a year or two to drink continuously and still be the result, right? Arcanely: Yes, Yes, of course! Aigul: did You drink water? Arcanely: Actually at first it was a half liter, then 2, then 3.5 liters it was. Aigul: So You noticed that you have become more water to drink and the effect went faster, right? Arcanely: Yes, Yes. the duel where to watch our Aigul: Great, great! Thank you a lot for those answers! Arcanely: Not for that. Aigul: very,very glad, can I shake your hand? Aigul: I am Very pleased with your results, because.

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