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What is the PICO Laser? – How it Removes Pigmentation & Tattoos

Hello, everyone. I’m back with you, Dr. Asher Milgrom, specialist in biomedical sciences. Here in our practice, in one of our operating rooms, where we specialize in integrative and regenerative medicine. Today I want to discuss very briefly with you the newest rage in the biomedical laser sciences called the PICO laser. Now, as you all know, we have over 25 different types of lasers here because different types of lasers interact very specifically with different kinds of physiological tissue. And that interaction between the physics and the physiology is critical in achieving the kind of result that you want with your skin. Now, the PICO laser is new on the marketplace, and it’s a new technology because, unlike all the other lasers that have ever been created, the thousandth of a second pulse laser called a long-pulsed laser, or the Q-switched laser, which is pulsed in a millionth of a second, the PICO laser, the energy is pulsed in one billionth of a second.

Now this makes a huge difference when it comes to pigmentation in your skin. Both natural pigmentation, such things as birthmarks or melasma or sunspots, and things like that, and non-natural pigmentation like a tattoo, and all the different colors of tattoo, which will all those inks will interact at a billionth of a second from the PICO laser. Now, this is so new that it also happens to be the most expensive laser ever made for dermatology and biomedical laser technology. It costs about $300,000. But the results with pigmentation are quite extraordinary. So one of the great advantages of having all these different types of lasers is that we can combine them for a customized protocol to get not only the best overall result for you, but also hopefully more efficiently. Meaning less treatments, fewer visits here, and less money, too, because we can get the job done quicker. So the PICO laser is a very important new development in the arena of biomedical laser technologies.

We have it right here at AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare and we hope you take advantage of this. Whether you do it here or at another office someplace else in the world, the PICO laser is an important one to have and to know about. So, remember, in our channel here at AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare, we educate you, we edify you, we keep you informed in the most important and impactful new technologies in biomedical sciences, from stem cells that might save your life to these kind of lasers that will make a huge difference on your aesthetic appearance in life, that this is where you can learn about all those things and keep abreast of them.

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