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What’s a bone spur? | Chiropractor | Kennewick, WA

Hey guys, this is dr. Kyle with Columbia River chiropractic bringing your next tip for Tuesday We’ve kind of been having a lot of our videos. We’re all going on foot health lately So we’re just gonna peel off that theme in discussion with bone spurs Bone spurs are something that we commonly talk to patients about in here Typically because they’ve had an x-ray or some type of imaging done Where they found a bone spur say in the shoulder or say in the foot? And I just wanted to kind of give you guys a little more insight into why we have that And help you address more or less the cause that it’s there in the first place. So Again, the bone spurs can kind of occur in most of the major joints in our body very commonly We’ll see them in the feet, especially with something. You’ve heard me talk a lot about plantar fasciitis We’ll see these this little kind of bony hook come off the heel in the direction of the plantar fascia Typically why the body? Creates that is because there’s a tension load say with that plantar fascia or some of the muscles here in the bottom of the foot That’s kind of pulling away from where it inserts into the bone And what your body is trying to do is just make an adaptation to stabilize that area by creating some bone growth So it’s basically just you your body trying to adapt to a stress that is being put under so it’s more important for us Not so much as to identify The bone spur itself but to identify what’s causing that bone spur So we’ve actually had a couple cases where getting the foot balanced out taking pressure off that plantar Fascia getting the foot nice and strong here in the arch we’ve seen some resolution of the bone spurs that occur off that heel and again, these bone spurs can occur in many different bones and joints But it’s all the same principle in that There is some type of stress load that’s causing your body to create a little bit of bone growth there so for all of you that Have had some extra days and you had maybe a bone spur finding that maybe necessarily wasn’t explained to you or maybe Was kind of drawn towards some of the symptoms that you’re feeling again for us we’re just we’re just assuming that it’s just part of a bigger cause so I really encourage you to Seek out a provider that will kind of get down to the root cause of that bone spur rather than just taking it as is And trying to suck it up and live with it the rest of your life Again, I’m dr.

Gawa Columbia River chiropractic. That’s your tip for Tuesday. Let us know if we can be of any help And hopefully you’re kind of watching the other videos keeping up with our foot hell theme And we can keep bringing you guys some good information. Thanks for watching.

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