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White Patches on my Face | Pityriasis Alba

what can I do about white patches on my face the right treatment for white patches on the skin depends on what caused the skin changes in the first place if a fungus or rash has caused the white patches medication may help eliminate them for other conditions doctors may use repigmentation or de pigmentation medication or even surgery to return the skin to its normal color some patches on the skin are caused by a condition called tinea versicolor this condition causes small patches of whiten skin to form tinea versicolor is caused by a fungus and can be treated with antifungal creams and shampoos oral antifungal medications may work as well a person with this condition may start with an over-the-counter medication moving on to prescription strength medications if necessary Peter Isis Alba is another condition that may be responsible for a light or whitish patches that form on the skin no one knows its cause this long-term condition typically affects children it causes a light or whitish rash on a person’s face and upper body sometimes the rash appears to have flakes or scales usually the white patches of pityriasis Alba go away on their own this can take a long time to happen however and many children will have the rash for months applying moisturizers may help to speed the disappearance of the whitish patches hydrocortisone may help as well some people develop white skin patches because of vitiligo which is marked by the loss of melanin the substance that gives skin its pigmentation when a person has this condition melanin production comes to a halt and patches of unpigmented skin develop unfortunately these patches may not remain small and contained instead they often gradually enlarge a person may attempt to make the white patches of vitiligo less noticeable rather than treating the condition for example he may use makeup to make the color of his skin seem more uniform for those taking this approach it’s helpful to wear sunscreen and avoid tanning tanning can make the unpigmented patches of skin look more pronounced treatment options for people with vitiligo and medicated topical creams that are used to restore pigmentation sometimes ultraviolet light therapies in combination with topical or oral treatment methods are used to restore coloring for those with white patches that cover more than 50% of the skin adda pigmentation treatment may be used instead this involves applying a bleaching agent to darkened patches of a person’s skin surgical options such as skin grafting which involves transplanting pigmented skin onto whitened patches and tattooing may be used to produce a more even skin tone visit the website click below of transplanting pigmented skin on to whiten patches and tattooing may be used to produce a more even skin tone visit the website click below I hope you enjoyed our review if you would like to order this product or see further details then simply head over to the website address you see on the screen right now

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