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Why Do Plant-Based Diets Help Rheumatoid Arthritis?

“Why does a plant-based diet help with rheumatoid arthritis?” Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic systemic Autoimmune diseases affect millions of people, It is characterized by persistent pain and joint stiffness. And slowly develop into joint damage – Especially the hands and feet, leading to disability and deformity. What can we do to prevent it and treat it? In a well-known 13-month randomized controlled trial Plant-based rheumatoid arthritis diet, The patient eats vegetarian food for three and a half months. Then change to the rest of the study time A vegetarian diet that has no eggs and no meat but can eat dairy products. Compared with the control group that did not change the eating habits, Plant group In the first month, the morning stiffness increased significantly Their joint stiffness has been reduced from a few hours to half.

The pain dropped from a very five-pointer to a very three-pointer. The disability has declined. They are subjectively reporting people feel better, Their grip strength is significantly improved, Painful joints are reduced, and pain in each joint is reduced. Swelling is also reduced, The added benefit is a weight loss of about 13 pounds. And most of the weight lost in a year did not rise back. In their blood, several levels of inflammatory markers decline Such as sed rate (the rate at which red blood cells deposit in one hour), C-reactive protein, white blood cell count.

The question is: “Why?” What is the relationship between diet and inflammatory joint disease? Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease. It is your body that will attack the surface of your own joints. Why is this done? There is a different autoimmune disease called rheumatic fever. It is your body that attacks your own heart. Why is this done? It seems to be a friendly fire.

Rheumatic fever is caused by pharyngitis infected by streptococcus, This is caused by proteins in the bacteria, It looks a lot like a protein in our heart. So when our immune system attacks streptococcus, It also attacks our heart valves, An autoimmune attack that triggers a “molecular simulation.” The proteins in Streptococcus mimic the proteins in our heart, So our body becomes confused and attacks both proteins. This is why early treatment of streptococcal pharyngitis is extremely important. To prevent our heart from getting caught in the crossfire. So the researchers think it might be rheumatoid arthritis It is caused by an infection. A clue to start looking for is In fact, it seems that women have rheumatoid arthritis It is three times that of men.

What kind of infected women get more than men? Urinary tract infection. So the researchers started testing Urine samples from patients with rheumatoid arthritis, They found a bacteria called Proteus. Not enough to cause symptoms of urinary tract infection, But enough to trigger an immune response. Really have a molecule in the bacteria Looks like a molecule in our joints, Therefore, antibodies against Proteus May inadvertently damage our own joint tissue, Eventually the joints are destroyed. Therefore, therapeutic interventions are designed Remove the bacteria from the patient’s body, Thereby reducing antibodies to organisms This should result in a reduction in inflammation. As we have seen before, Urethral infections originate from the fecal flora. The bacteria crawled into the bladder from the rectum (anal mouth). So how does a person change the bacteria in her intestines? By changing the diet.

Some preliminary research attempts 20 years ago Fundamentally change people’s gut flora They are all eaten raw vegetarian food. Think this is what one can do A fundamental shift from the standard Western diet. In fact, within a few days Significantly changes the human intestinal flora. And you put rheumatoid arthritis patients on this diet, They experienced pain relief. And a bigger improvement It is related to greater changes in the intestinal flora. But the diet is considered so unbearable Half of the patients can’t eat it and quit, Maybe because they are trying to feed people Like buckwheat, beetroot, coated with almond paste And fermented coconut juice. Sorry, not a coconut This may be good. Cucumber juice. The good news is that the usual vegetarian diet will also work. Change the intestinal flora to improve rheumatoid arthritis. But we have no specific confirmation Plant-based diets have reduced anti-Proteus antibodies until now.

Those who respond to plant-based diets Anti-Proteus antibody decreased significantly, Compared with the control group. Maybe it just reduces the overall immune response in the body? No, the antibody levels against other bacteria remain unchanged. So suppose it is a vegetable diet Reduce bacteria in the urine or intestines. From omnivorous to vegetarian Have a profound effect on the composition of our urine For example, higher levels of lignin In the urine of those who eat vegetarians. So far, just think that lignin can protect People who eat more plants are not allowed to cancer. But now we know that lignans can also Antibacterial properties So it may help to remove Proteus from our system. In any case, this shows a new type of treatment Used to manage rheumatoid arthritis. This new treatment includes anti-proteobacterial measures For example, diet control in the form of a vegetarian diet.

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