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13 Celebrities That Are Really Good Artists In Their Spare Time

They are good at everything.

I had no idea that Pierce Brosnan was such an artiste, but he is!!! From what I gather he loves to use color and squiggly lines. Look at his art!!!

Absolutely obsessed with Lucy Liu being really good at painting nude people (and also clothed people). She also works with other mediums, which can be seen here.

Self portrait queen!! I want Michelle Pfieffer art by Michelle Pfieffer.

WHO KNEW SLY WAS SUCH A PAINTER? But he is and lots of his work is Rocky-themed, which makes sense.

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman has many talents!!! This stuff doesn’t even begin to show what she can do. But here is more of her work…the talent!!!!!

Look how cute his paintings are. And he goes by his full name, Anthony Benedetto for his art career.

She has an Etsy shop for her “doodles and flowers” cards. FUN.

Jim Carrey draws a lot of anti-trump stuff and creates art about politics in general. Sometimes he just paints mangos though!

She literally majored in art in college and now has showings at galleries for her work.

Okay, it’s REALLY hard to find Swizz’s art, but he founded The Dean Collection so even if his own creations aren’t at the forefront, he’s constantly sharing and promoting the work of others.

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