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13,000 more students head back to Palm Beach County schools for second semester

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — The second semester of the school year for the Palm Beach County School District begins Tuesday and thousands of students will return to the classroom for the first time.

According to the school district, about 81,000 students will be learning in-person, 66,000 are doing remote learning, and about 20,000 don’t have a choice registered in the district’s portal. Those numbers are expected to firm up throughout the week as teachers see how many students actually show up to class.

The numbers represent about 13,000 additional students learning on campus compared to early November, when students were asked to lock in their choice for the second quarter of the school year. At that time, about 68,000 students were attending classes on campus. On the first day of in-person instruction back in September, the district estimated about 54,000 students on campus.

While more than 10,000 students are returning to campus, it is not as many as the district hoped to bring back for not making adequate progress in remote learning. Back in December, the district announced close to 22,000 students were struggling in distance learning, and would receive letters encouraging them to come back to campus. If a parent chose not to send their child back, they needed to provide written confirmation to the district, acknowledging the situation.

We are working to learn exactly how many students fall into that category, as well as how many remote teachers may have been required to come back to campus because of the increase in students.

You can find answers to frequently asked questions about the Make Your Choice process on the district’s website here.

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