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2 Thai girls who watched mom die now up for adoption | Coconuts Bangkok

Two girls who watched their mother die of COVID-19 at home, a slice of grief that broke hearts nationwide, are at their new home today, an orphanage in the southeast metro area. 

The 9- and 11- year-old girls, who were hospitalized with the virus after losing their mother last month, made a full recovery and were taken yesterday to the Samut Prakan Shelter for Children and Families. 

Supatcha Sutthipol, director of the Department of Children and Youth, said the girls will be fostered or adopted as possible. So far three families have inquired.

The two girls were found last month at home in Samut Prakan’s Bang Phli district next to their 44-year-old mom’s lifeless body. Their mother, who worked as a masseuse, had complained of sickness before her condition grew worse. She died soon thereafter.

Both girls tested positive for COVID-19 and were taken to Bang Phli Hospital. Their story provoked a mix of empathy, sadness and rage. Some raised questions on social media about the government’s mishandling of the pandemic, which has led to growing numbers of people dying at home or lying in the streets due to overtaxed medical facilities.

A helpline was installed to help children affected from the COVID-19 pandemic via hotline 1300, Line @savekidscovid19 or smartphone app Child Support (Kum Krong Dek) via iOS / Android.

From a lack of access to basic health care to communities back-sliding into poverty, the pandemic has pulled back the veil on the shocking lack of equity in and failure to help citizens most in need. But stepping up to make difference are philanthropic groups and individuals taking matters into their own hands. We’ve gathered a list of them here.

Photo: Department of Children and Youth 
Photo: Department of Children and Youth


Thai girls bound for orphanage after watching mom die at home

Want to make a difference in Bangkok? Hook up with any of these groups to help.

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