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America Has Muted Trump Who Has Only Spoken 454 Words/Day Since Losing

America has hit the mute on Donald Trump, as the outgoing president has only spoken an average of 454 words a day since losing.

The Washington Post reported, “Since Election Day, he has spoken 8,143 words over 18 days through Saturday, according to, a website which tracks all of his utterances and movements. On average, in 2020, he spoke 8,398 words daily, according to Bill Frischling, the website’s owner, but only 454 words per day since Nov. 3. On the last day of the campaign alone, he uttered more than 55,000 words. He averaged about 48 minutes on camera every day in 2020, Frischling said. He has spent about 50 minutes on camera total since Nov. 3.”

Trump has been left speechless by his defeat. A political career that was built on endless bluster and big promises of winning have gone silent as Trump is only the third president since 1932 to be voted out of office and denied a second term.

Trump has refused to concede because he doesn’t want to look like a “loser,” while he is grappling with the reality that he is, and will be for the rest of US history, a loser.

Donald Trump’s time in office will be remembered by history for his impeachment, the coronavirus pandemic, and his defeat.

Trump will leave no legacy beyond the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans and his own failure.

Americans finally figured out a way to shut Donald Trump up by turning him into one of history’s biggest losers.

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