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Best SIM-only contract Black Friday deals | early live offers and what to expect

Prime Day has been and gone, which leaves Black Friday as the last big sales day before Christmas.

It’s no secret that mobiles are one of the most sought-after items on Black Friday and with the launch of the iPhone 12, the widespread adoption of 5G, and more 2020 phone releases still to come, it’s an exciting time for the smartphone industry.

However, every mobile needs a sim card – and if you’ve just bought a new phone upfront or are planning to nab one in the Black Friday sales, then you’ll need to buy that separately.

Luckily we have compiled a list of the very best sim deals around, with offers on everything from all-you-can-eat 5G data to a lean 1GB 4G-only SIM.

You will, of course, need a mobile to go with your snazzy new SIM, so luckily we have a guide to the very best phone deals ahead of Black Friday, as well as the best deals on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11.

And as well as Black Friday, look out for all the best deals for  Cyber Monday too.

Best Sim-only deals

There are great deals at the moment from all the major networks – get as much data as you like for under £20:

Is Black Friday a good time to get a Sim-only contract?

Yes! It’s not just phone contracts that go on offer on Black Friday – but sim-only contracts also. Few other sales events see such great discounts for sim-only contracts, and you’ll be enjoying the benefits of the deal not just on Black Friday but for the entire length of your contract. Better yet the contract will likely expire around Black Friday once again – meaning you can get your next sim on offer also.

You will, of course, need a mobile to go with your sim – and Black Friday is a great time to buy a smartphone upfront at a great price.

Best Black Friday Sim-only deals

Three SIM-only deals

Three are very keen on deals that provide you with the first six months of your contract half price – including on their 5G ready unlimited data SIM. You can also get up to £40 cash when you refer a friend to a SIM-only deal.

O2 SIM-only deals

O2 are a good company to join if you want to keep your existing phone number when moving over to a new sim-only deal, and you can do so no matter what UK network you are coming from.

They have a huge amount of deals available and they don’t even require you to sign up for 24 months like a lot of others do – plus you get free access to a certain streaming service…

The Disney+ offer is also available on the 12-month plan:

VOXI SIM-only deals

The great thing about VOXI is that all their plans have ‘Endless Social Media‘ – so you can browse social media apps without using data. They’re also not tied to a contract – so you cancel anytime.

iD SIM-only deals

iD also offers 30-day rolling contracts – so at the end of each month you can change your data allowance, or cancel altogether with no consequences. All their plans come with roaming, and data rollover:

sim card deals

Smarty SIM-only deals

Smarty also offers commitment-free monthly rolling contracts, ideal for those only after a few months of coverage. They also offer unrestricted tethering in the UK, no speed caps, no credit checks, and money back on unused data on certain contracts.

EE SIM-only deals

EE has the fastest 4G network in the UK as well as the widest coverage, so you may well want to consider these plans for some super-speedy data deals. Their 5G contracts also come with a Smart Benefit, meaning you can choose between freebies such as Apple Music, Amazon Prime, Britbox, or BT Sport Ultimate subscriptions.

See what EE are planning for Black Friday with our EE Black Friday 2020 deals page.

Virgin SIM-only deals

All of Virgin’s SIM-only plans come with unlimited texts and minutes, data rollover, and data-free messaging. If you have Virgin TV or broadband you can take advantage of the Family Plan, meaning you’ll receive discounts if you have two or more Sims with Virgin.

What Sim-only deals were there last year?

Three and EE, in particular, had great deals last year – particularly if you were after a generous helping of data:

What does Sim-only mean?

Exactly as it sounds – sim-only means you’re only buying the sim card and the included minutes, texts, and data without a mobile. It helps differentiate from phone contracts, which include a mobile phone as well as a sim card.

How to choose a sim-only deal

The majority of sim-only deals these days already come with unlimited minutes and data – the main decision you’ll have to make is how much data you need.

This will vary depending on how much you use your phone out of your home, and what exactly you use your phone for. Those who stream video while on the move – whether it be through video calls, YouTube, or other streaming services – would want to look at the higher end of data allowance, perhaps even unlimited. Video streaming is one of the fastest ways to drain data, especially in high definition.

Those who rarely video stream or prefer to download first don’t need aim quite so high, however – depending on your usage you shouldn’t need to go over 10GB. It’s worth checking what data allowance you have at the moment, and see if and how often that runs out and then add a gigabyte or two accordingly.

The perks of certain network providers may just swing it for some – Smarty and ID and Voxi all offer 30-day rolling contracts for those who don’t want to commit, and O2’s offer of up to a year of free Disney+ may sway parents and Disney fans alike. VOXI also allows customers to use social media without using data – perfect for data-hungry apps such as Snapchat.

Should I get a 5G contract?

Firstly, you will, of course, need to make sure you have a 5G compatible mobile, as 5G support only became widely used this year. It may then come down to an issue of price – 5G sims tend to be more expensive at the moment, so you’ll have to weigh up whether the extra cost is worth high-speed connectivity.

5G is still in its infancy in the UK – it may be worth researching the coverage in your area first, or perhaps waiting a tad longer for the kinks to be ironed out.

However, those constantly on the move may well appreciate the significant speed boost that 5G can bring as soon as possible.

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