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Burger King releases new Plant-Based Whopper in Japan

Compared to a lot of western countries, it can be hard to find good meat-free menu options when eating out in Japan. That’s slowly changing, though, and Burger King is leading the way with the announcement that they’ll be releasing a Plant-Based Whopper at their branches around the country for a limited time.

The fast food chain says it’s been developing hamburgers containing 100-percent vegetable patties through a process of trial and error for the past two years. They finally hit upon perfection with the Plant-Based Whopper, which contains pickles, onion, tomato, and lettuce on a flame-grilled 100-percent vegetable patty.

Finished off with ketchup and creamy mayonnaise, and sandwiched between two toasted sesame buns, the new burger is said to have that distinct Burger King flavour fans love, as it uses the same open-flame grilling method used for the chain’s other burgers.

The new Plant-Based Whopper are only available for a limited time. Priced at 590 yen for the burger and 890 yen for a set with medium-sized fries and a drink, the new menu offering is only being made in limited numbers, so once stocks are gone, they’ll disappear from the menus too.

After wowing us with their chip-filled Fake Burger, and their first-ever burger with no buns, this new Whopper definitely has us tempted to check out the Burger King real estate site, which is currently helping fans eat burgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner by setting them up in an apartment near one of their locations.

Source: PR Times

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