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CNN’s Don Lemon Struck by Contrast Between Trump and Biden

By Zachary PetrizzoDec 3rd, 2020, 11:04 pm

CNN host Don Lemon contrasted the current president with the president-elect following Jake Tapper’s hour-long interview with Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on Thursday night, likening the  starkly different tone and content to people from two different planets.

Speaking with Tapper just moments after the interview wrapped up, Lemon offered his reaction to the overall discussion and alluded to the rambling, 46-minute, conspiracy-filled rant Donald Trump posted to Facebook on Wednesday

“There was a lot, Jake,” Lemon replied. “It feels like we are watching interviews or president-elect and a president who are on Earth one and Earth two.”

“And at this particular Earth, that is, in reality, was very normal, very safe, very sedate,” Lemon continued. “It was welcoming news. It was good to watch. It was good to actually get content.”

“We heard no fake news. We heard no conspiracy theories. We heard no personal grievances.”

Lemon then offered further praise of the incoming president and his running mate.

“We heard a President-Elect and a vice president who want to work with the other side. And when you asked him — I thought this was a very important question and a great answer from him. When you said, ‘Is it important that the current president is at your inauguration?’ and he laughed, and everyone knew what he was thinking,” the CNN host said. “And then he went on to give I thought was a great answer. He said ‘It’s important to the country that the country sees a smooth transition.’”

“That is what we need, Jake,” Lemon concluded.

Watch above, via CNN.

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