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Developing vaccine for flesh-eating bacteria

new tonight a terrifying diagnosis flesh-eating bacteria in the waters now medical experts say they’re on the brink of a breakthrough but the clock is ticking they say climate change is making water warmer which will cause more bacteria to breed but by the time their solution comes out flesh-eating bacteria could be at an all-time high tonight NBC Charlotte’s Michelle Bowden tells us about the vaccine that could save you from what lies beneath it’s a race against time doctors hustling to develop a vaccine for Vibrio a flesh-eating bacteria that lives naturally in the water by the time the vaccine is ready in 2030 doctors think more people will need it because water everywhere is getting warmer Vibrio needs a mix of fresh in salt water and warm temperatures and it’s in the country’s Bay’s where those conditions allow the bacteria to thrive from new cases just reported in the Chesapeake and Delaware Bay’s all the way down to Texas where Robbie Siler contracted Vibrio last month and we’re in the water for maybe ten minutes Wade fishing and got back in the boat less than two days later he lost his leg after contracting the bacteria last month Gary Evans died in June after spending time in the same Bay the CDC tracks Vibrio telling us 77 people contracted the illness in the Carolinas in the most recent year with available stat an experts say the number of confirmed cases is only going up because testing for the bacteria is becoming easier should never go into the water the most common way to contract Vibrio is by eating shellfish which is why scientists are working with the FDA to test Easter’s if your seafood is cooked the Vibrio bacteria are killed so they do not really pose a problem whatsoever but in people who are immunocompromised that have some sort of reason that their body has a hard time fighting off a strong infection those people really need to be careful of eating undercooked or raw seafood so while the bacteria itself is nothing new a change in temperature and testing account for the hundreds of confirmed cases we’re seeing across the country this year Michelle Bowdoin NBC Charlotte

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