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Find out how many active and ‘mystery’ COVID-19 cases there are in your postcode

There are 175 active coronavirus cases in Victoria, the lowest number of active cases statewide for almost four months, based on data released by the Department of Health and Human Services.

The last time active case numbers were this low was on June 25, when there were 183.

This map shows the number of active coronavirus cases in each Melbourne postcode. You can use the controls at the top-right of the map to zoom in to your postcode or zoom out to show all of Victoria.

As of Thursday afternoon, 66 of the state’s 694 populated postcodes had at least one active coronavirus case, down from 73 seven days ago.

The postcode that currently has the most known active cases is 3081, which takes in the suburbs of Bellfield, Heidelberg Heights, and Heidelberg West, where there are currently 13 active cases.

Postcode 3081 also recorded a net increase of 12 new active cases over the past week, the biggest increase for any postcode statewide.

There are currently three active cases in Shepparton, the first time since September 16 that there have been any active infections in this area.

Here is a list of all the postcodes that have recorded an increase in active cases over the past week:

In many of these postcodes there are high-risk locations, which were visited by people who later tested positive for COVID-19.

This table includes a list of all the high-risk locations, organised alphabetically by suburb, that have been issued recently by health authorities:

The Department of Health and Human Services has also started publishing a list of postcodes where at least one mystery case has been recorded over the past fortnight.

Mystery cases are infections that cannot be traced to an existing cluster or outbreak and are the most concerning to health authorities as they suggest the virus is circulating within the community.

There are 13 postcodes where mystery cases have been recorded are:

  • 3015 (Newport, South Kingsville, Spotswood) – one mystery case
  • 3019 (Braybrook, Robinson) – one mystery case
  • 3024 (Mambourin, Manor Lakes, Mount Cottrell, Wyndham Vale) – one mystery case
  • 3025 (Altona East, Altona Gate, Altona North) – two mystery cases
  • 3027 (Williams Landing) – one mystery case
  • 3037 (Calder Park, Delahey, Hillside, Sydenham, Taylors Hill) – one mystery case
  • 3046 (Glenroy, Hadfield, Oak Park) – one mystery case
  • 3073 (Reservoir) – two mystery cases
  • 3130 (Blackburn, Blackburn North, Blackburn South, Laburnum) – one mystery case
  • 3147 (Ashburton, Ashwood) – one mystery case
  • 3173 (Keysborough) – one mystery case
  • 3175 (Bangholme, Dandenong, Dandenong East, Dandenong North, Dandenong South, Dunearn) – one mystery case
  • 3184 (Elwood) – one mystery case

This information was first released on Tuesday, and since then there has been an additional mystery case confirmed in Reservoir and one mystery case confirmed in Keysborough.

These postcodes, which are dispersed throughout Melbourne, have been mapped below:

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