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Florida man filmed clinging to hood of truck driving down interstate

Florida man clings to the hood of a semi truck driving down an interstate for NINE MILES before troopers intercepted vehicle

  • Man seen clinging to hood of a truck driving along Florida Turnpike on Saturday 
  • Semi tractor-trailer was heading northbound near Boynton Beach, Florida 
  • A bloodied man walked onto highway and asked truck driver to stop vehicle 
  • As truck stopped, he climbed onto hood and broke windshield with metal object
  • The driver, Edward Hughes, panicked and accelerated in effort to shake him off
  • But the man kept clinging to the hood as truck drove for some nine miles
  • Trooper intercepted truck and took the man to hospital for evaluation 

By Ariel Zilber For

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It looked like a scene from a Hollywood action flick. 

A bloodied motorist was filmed hanging on for dear life to the hood of a semi-trailer truck that was driving at high speed northbound on the Florida Turnpike near Boynton on Saturday afternoon.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, dispatchers were told that a white male was driving a Toyota SUV with a male passenger traveling southbound on the Turnpike.

The passenger told dispatchers that the driver started acting erratically and stopped the vehicle on the exit ramp to Boynton Beach.

A man is seen above hanging on to the hood of a semi tractor-trailer that was driving northbound on the Florida Turnpike near Boynton Beach on Saturday

The driver of the truck, Edward Hughes, said that the man shattered his windshield with a metal object while hanging on to the hood 

The truck drove for some nine miles while the man held onto the hood while attempting to shatter the windshield

The driver then got out of the Toyota and started walking on the highway.

According to the FHP, the man hopped over the media concrete wall from the southbound side to the northbound side, causing traffic to slow down.

He then jumped on top of the hood of a semi tractor-trailer that was driving northbound.

Edward Hughes, the driver of the semi, told TMZ that the man appeared to have been bleeding and flagged for him to stop.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers intercepted the truck and transported the man to an area hospital for evaluation

Hughes said he stopped the truck – only for the man to latch onto the hood and start bashing his windshield with a metal object.

Hughes said he panicked and pressed hard on the gas in an attempt to knock the man off the hood.  

Amateur video shot by another motorist on the Turnpike shows Hughes jerk the truck by accelerating and then pressing hard on the break in an effort to jar the man off of the hood.

Hughes also tried to weave in and out of lanes, but to no avail, as the man kept on stubbornly clinging to the windshield.

As Hughes kept driving, the man managed to break through the glass.

The man stayed on the hood of Hughes’ truck for about nine miles before FHP troopers managed to intercept the vehicle.

The troopers took the man into custody and drove him to Wellington Regional Hospital, where he was being evaluated on Saturday. 

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