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Health experts say Oklahoma is behind the curve on vaccines

TULSA, Okla. — On Tuesday, the Healthier Oklahoma Coalition held a round table discussion about the current state of COVID-19 in the sooner state.

According to Buffy Heater, Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Personal Health Services at the state department of health, Oklahoma is far behind other states.

“Cases are particularly increasing in Oklahomans ages 18-35 years of age,” Heater said. “Which is the age group with the lowest vaccination uptick in the state.”

That number is even lower in youth 12-17.

Heater said only around 20 percent of that age group are vaccinated, which is around 60,000.

With schools set to resume in-person classes in a few weeks, that concerns OU Health Doctor Donna Tyungu.

“Moving into the school year next year without any mitigation and without a mask is not a good idea, Tyungu said.

Tuesday, only 10,000 vaccine appointments were scheduled, with over a half-million doses available.

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