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Intel Confirms Xe GPUs On Track For Release This Year

Intel recently gave confirmation that its Xe discrete GPUs are still on track for release before 2020 is out. The semiconductor maker assured investors during its quarterly earnings call that the development of the GPUs was progressing well and should be available in time for the holiday season.


In total, Intel plans to release four variants of the XE; this includes a low-power (LP), high performance (HP), high-performance gaming (HPG), and high performance compute (HPC). At the current moment, the Xe DG1 is an SKU that is set to headline its LP lines, having occasionally been referred to as the Iris Xe Max or Iris Xe Graphics. Regardless of the name, though, both are expected to be powered by a 96 Execution Unit (EU) GPU, based on Intel’s 10nm SuperFin die lithography.

Over at the HPG side of the Xe architecture, information about the alleged DG2 discrete GPU is still scarce, although leakster Moore’s Law is Dead says in their YouTube video that the card could be on par with NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3070. That remark, by the way, is merely an opinion and speculation, and as these things usually go, we recommend that you take it with a liberal dose of scepticism.

(Source: Intel via Techspot, TechRadar)

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